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There are lots of reasons why you may want to buy a shipping container. These sturdy units can be used as living spaces, on a building site, for DIY projects, to store valuable items, and of course, to ship things. For most buyers, though, the shipping container is used as a portable storage unit; perhaps that is what you have in mind too.

Buying a shipping container is easy and there are plenty of sellers out there. However, you could buy the box and take it home only to realize it’s not what you want.

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona and are looking to buy a shipping container, what do you need to know before buying one of those shipping containers for sale? What steps should you take before you buy your storage box and where should you buy it? Below you will find some tips from Taylor St Management to consider before making the purchase:

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Shipping Container Basics

Shipping containers are watertight, long-lasting, and relatively cheap storage solutions. They can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. Standalone containers can resist winds of over 110mph and an anchored shipping container can easily handle winds of 175mph or more. Depending on the model, it may be reinforced with steel to make it completely safe and secure. They are great for use as a workshop, seasonal/garage storage, pre/post-move storage, and as an underground bunker.

Choosing The Right Shipping Container

There are several things to think of when buying your Arizona storage container. The four most important ones are the size of the container, its physical condition, where you are going to place your AZ storage box, and if the container has climate control.

Which Shipping Container Size Is Right For You?

Shipping containers come in many dimensions:




Standard 20′

8′ (2.44 meters)

8′ 6″ (2.59 meters)

Standard 40′

8′ (2.44 meters)

8′ 6″ (2.59 meters)

20′ High Cube

8′ (2.44 meters)

9′ 6″ (2.9 meters)

40′ High Cube

8′ (2.44 meters

9′ 6″ (2.9 meters)

48′ (rare)

8′ (2.44 meters)

8′ 6″ (2.59 meters)

53′ (rare)

8′ (2.44 meters)

8′ 6″ (2.59 meters)

The most common shipping container sizes are standard 20-foot and standard 40-foot. High-cube containers have more headroom but are costlier. 48 ft and 53 ft containers are rare and even more expensive.

Before you choose the container size, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you going to put inside? 

The right size depends on how you want to use the container.

  1. Where will you put the container?

The container site must be accessible and able to accommodate the delivery of a container. It should be able to support your AZ storage box. The best sites are firm and level ground without pooling water, a leveled foundation, or a support of four concrete blocks.

  1. How will you transport the container?

A 20-foot container can be moved by forklift and it will fit on the bed of standard tow trucks. For a 40’ box, a trailer or chassis is needed for transport, and you need a crane or heavy-duty container forklift/stacker to load the container onto the trailer. When moving 40’ or hi-cube boxes consider if the road has sharp turns, overhead obstructions, and rough terrain can pose a problem. Keep in mind that you likely won’t be transporting the container yourself, as most companies you can buy them from will take care of delivery for you.

Buying Your Arizona Storage Container

The physical condition of the container is vital. Things you should look for when inspecting a storage box include:

  • Shape: It must be rectangular; not a parallelogram – angles should be 90° degrees.


  • Doors: Should have handles and locking assist mechanisms. They should not be sticky and lock rods must be undamaged.


  • Interior: Should not have pungent odors or holes.


  • Flooring: The 1 ⅛-inch marine plywood flooring must be attached and without gouges, holes, or soft spots.


  • Walls/roof: Look for dents in the walls and roof.

Shipping containers come in four grades: New (one –trippers), CWO (Certified Cargo Worthy), Wind and Water Tight (WWT), and As-Is. The best containers are New or used WWT. CWO containers are expensive. Avoid As-Is containers.

Container delivery method and cost are important. Container delivery is charged per mile and deliveries across long distances can be expensive. Typical costs are: $5/mile (25 miles or less); $4/mile (25-100 miles) and $3/miles (100 miles and over).

The kind of delivery vehicle you use also matters. The options are a flatbed tilt trailer, flatbed trailer, and Hiab truck. One of the advantages of buying your AZ shipping container from Simple Box is that you won’t have to worry about delivery.

Why Climate Controlled Storage Is The Best

Standard shipping containers are not climate controlled, but modifying the container to a mini split with A/C and heat will keep the inside temperature of the unit within a certain range regardless of the outside temperature. Climate-controlled storage containers are perfect for the Arizona climate and just right for storing sensitive items like antiques, books and magazines, wood furniture and upholstery, documents, and electronics.

When you buy an AZ climate-controlled storage box from Simple Box you:

  • Ensure your valuables are protected even when temperatures drop below freezing or climb above 100° degrees.


  • Know that your items are protected from dust and debris.


  • Eliminate exposure to high humidity and mold.


  • Gain peace of mind.


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