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8×40 Shipping Containers to Rent or Buy

40 foot shipping container for sale or rent

Are you looking for a larger storage space on your property, farm, or business? We have new and used 40 ft. shipping containers for sale or rent. An 8×40 container from Simple Box provides 320 square feet of instant space for a great price (much cheaper than you could build). Our expert delivery drivers can deliver your 40 foot container right where you need it, when you need it, so you can rest easy knowing that your goods are stored inside a secure and dry storage space. At Simple Box, we give our customers the option to rent or buy a container, and you can even start out by renting and switch to a purchase later one. We provide 40 foot portable storage with local service at a great price so you can focus on the things that matter most and the work you do best.

Refurbished 8×40 Shipping Containers for Sale or Rent

Our most popular container is a decent used 8×40 conex that has been freshened up with a new coat of paint in a neutral color (light gray or tan) and has an aftermarket lockbox installed for added security. These 40′ containers have cargo doors on one end that open up completely so that you have close to an 8 foot opening to load your items, or even drive a forklift inside. The nice thing about choosing a used 40 foot Container is that you get a lot of space for a very low price.

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40 foot container rental

Inside 40 foot container rental

40 foot shipping container exterior

Used 8×40 Shipping Containers for Sale

Our used 8×40 containers typically come in dark red, blue, or green color. Many of these containers are 8-15 years old and have been used to transport goods across the country and around the world for years. When you buy a good used 8×40 Container, you often get twice the space for close to the same price as a 20 foot container.

All of our 40 ft Containers are available in both standard height (8′ 6″) or “High Cube” (one foot taller at 9′ 6″). Our Modification Team can also modify your 40 foot container by adding doors, windows, shelving, or anything else that makes your Box more useful or functional.

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Red 8x40 Shipping Container

Used 40 ft shipping container

Used 40 foot Shipping Container

New 8×40 Shipping Containers for Sale

Although most people choose used 40 ft containers because of the lower price, we do also provide New (one-trip) 8×40′ containers for customers who want a brand new Box. The new 40′ containers are available for sale and typically come in light gray or tan. The nice thing about starting with a brand new Box is it’s cleaner, usually has a lock-box for extra security, and the doors are often a little easier to open.

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New 8x40 Shipping Container

New 8x40 container inside

New 40 foot shipping container for sale

Visit us at a location near you to choose your own Container:

Or give us a call and we’ll deliver a container right to you!

20 ft Shipping Container delivery

If you need a different size of container, we also have other container sizes available, such as 20 foot containers, 8×10 containers, 45′ High cube, and refrigerated reefer containers. We can also help you modify your Box into a portable office, container workshop, or tiny house.

At Simple Box, you always have options! We look forward to serving you.