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8×20 Shipping Containers to Rent or Buy

One trip 8x20 container

Do you need a little more space at your home or job site? We have new and used 8×20 shipping containers for sale or rent. A 20 ft container from Simple Box provides instant space right where you need it, when you need it. And you can rest easy knowing that your goods are stored inside a secure and dry storage space. At Simple Box, we give our customers the option to rent or buy a container, and you can even start out by renting and switch to a purchase later one. We can also move our loaded 20 foot containers from house to house or job site to job site, so you can focus on the things that matter most without wasting your time loading and unloading a mini-storage or moving truck.

New 20 foot Shipping Containers for Sale or Rent

A new 8×20 container from Simple Box comes equipped with a built-in lockbox, air-vents, and easy to open cargo doors. These new containers are often called “one-trip” or “single-use” because they have only made one trip across the ocean.

New 20′ containers typically come in light gray or tan, but we also get them in blue, green, white, or other custom colors. Our Modification Team and can also modify your new 20 foot container by adding roll-up doors, overhead lights, or anything else that makes your Box more useful or functional.

New 8x20 foot Shipping Container

Inside new 8x20 foot Shipping container

New 20 foot Shipping container for sale

Used 8×20 Shipping Containers for Sale

A used 20 foot shipping container from Simple Box is often 7 or more years old (usually ranging from 8-15 years old) and has already lived a good life as a productive member of society. A cargo-worthy container is completely wind and water-tight so your things will stay clean and dry. Used containers are sometimes called WWT “Wind and Watertight,” A-grade, H-grade, or guaranteed leak-proof, but we typically just stock cargo-worthy containers that could be re-certified to be shipped overseas if needed.

Used 20′ containers typically come in dark red, dark blue, or dark green, but we also get them in orange and brown from time to time. Our Modification Team can also modify your used 20 ft container by adding custom paint, doors, windows, electrical outlets, overhead lights, or anything else that makes your used 20 foot Shipping Container more useful or functional.

Used 8x20 foot Shipping container

Inside 20 foot container

Used 20 foot shipping container from Simple Box

Visit us at a location near you to choose your own 20 foot Shipping Container:

Or give us a call and we’ll deliver a 20 foot Shipping Container right to you!

Simple Box Shipping Container Delivery

By the way, we also have 40 foot containers for sale or rent. We have other container sizes as well, such as 8×10 containers, 45′ High cube, and custom-modified shipping containers.

At Simple Box, you always have options! We look forward to serving you.