One Box Can
Make a Difference


We use our resources to support those in our community and beyond not only financially but also by amplifying their voices.

Find out how we are giving back to:


Orphans & Widows

We sponsor 1 orphan or widow for each member on our team.

Military Families

We offer premium discount on our services & military event sponsorship.

Local Community

Each location participates in local events and donates locally to charity.

Helping Our Communities Connect


Sending cargo containers full of relief supplies after disasters around the world.


Donating the use of containers to ministries in the community who need some extra assistance.


Hosting an annual Christmas Coat Drive for kids and sponsoring family-friendly local races and events.

How to Get Involved in Your Community

People Matter More Than Things

At Simple Box we have what could be considered a strange set of values coming from a storage company: People Matter More than Things. This core value at Simple Box comes from Luke 12:15 “a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” We realize that if a person’s life doesn’t consist of accumulating more things, but rather cultivating strong relationships.

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Organizations We Love to Serve

As a company, part of our mission is to make a profit so that we can “grow wisely and give generously.” The following is a list of organizations we proudly support:

Orphans & Widows

On a monthly basis, we give to care for the needs of two groups of people: orphans and widows by supporting one orphan or widow for each member of our team.

We have also been able to support the work of other non-profits who work to end the cycles of addiction, abuse, and slavery.

Get Simple Box Storage Company Giving Back
Washington state flooding

Military Families

Get Simple Box is passionate about serving those who serve our country. Our CEO Ross Black takes pride in mentoring and encouraging members of the military who are working on setting up businesses as they transition to civilian life and become future business leaders of America.

We also offer a premium discount on our services to military personnel and their families.