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You deserve to know the specific container you are getting so there are no surprises. 

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Our local team sets up your container sales account and schedules your delivery.

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Expert Delivery

We deliver all of our own containers with our own highly trained drivers.

The Strongest, Simplest, and Most Cost-Effective Shipping Containers for Sale

Cost Effective

It is generally more cost effective and much faster than building a warehouse or shed.

Wide Inventory

Simple Box has good inventory of New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale at a variety of different price points to fit your budget (choose from different colors, conditions and sizes).

Choose Your Own

Because we are local, you can choose your own container and we perform all of our own container deliveries (we can even move other containers from place to place).

Reasonable Time & Money

When you buy a container from Get Simple Box, you get storage needs solved in a hurry and for a reasonable price.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay monthly rent for something you know you want to keep long term. Get an asset that will last and hold value  – explore our shipping containers for sale.

Shipping Containers for Sale Purchase Options

Our 10 ft. shipping containers are perfect for storing equipment, supplies, and other items that you need to keep safe and secure. Available to Rent or Buy in most locations.

20-foot Shipping Container is our most popular size. Perfect for moving, renovation, or job site storage. Our Loaded Moves use 20ft Containers, 33% larger than typical Moving Containers.

The 40 foot shipping container for rent is constructed from high-quality steel, making them durable and weather-resistant. They’re also watertight to protect against moisture damage.

Shipping Container Purchase Reviews

Sam H.
Sam H.
Desert Hot Springs, CA
Read More
These guys are the best! I appreciated the care the driver took in delivering my container. I will definitely rent from them again and refer to others.
Joseph R.
Joseph R.
Palm Springs, CA
Read More
So great to work with! They were quick to respond to every question and the container worked perfectly for our move. Highly recommended!
Mary F.
Mary F.
Indio, CA
Read More
Really good customer service and I am so happy with my container! I would definitely recommend them to others.
Deb B.
Deb B.
Palm Desert, CA
Read More
Great company! Excellent containers. This is an awesome local family business with ownership that can be trusted! Thank you!!


Containers come in a variety of sizes, but our best-sellers are New 20-foot containers and used 40-foot containers.

Dimensions Width Height Length Empty Weight
6’ Standard Container
(combi container)
6' 6" 6' 3" 6' 1450 lbs.
8’ Standard Container
(mini container)
7' 2" 7' 2" 8' 2100 lbs.
10’ Standard or Cut-Down Container 8' 8' 6" 10' 2900 lbs.
20' Standard Shipping Container 8' 8' 6" 20' 4800 lbs.
20’ Double Door Container 8' 8' 6" 20' 4800 lbs.
20’ High Cube Container 8' 9' 6" 20' 5200 lbs.
40' Standard Shipping Container 8' 8' 6" 40' 8600 lbs.
40’ Double Door Container 8' 8' 6" 40' 9000 lbs.
40’ High Cube Container 8' 9' 6" 40' 9800 lbs.
DimensionsWidthHeightLengthEmpty Weight
6’ Standard Container (combi container)6’ 6”6’ 3”6’1450 lbs.
8’ Standard Container (mini container)7’2”7’ 2”8′2100 lbs.
10’ Standard or Cut-Down Container8′8′ 6″10′2900 lbs.
20’ Standard Shipping Container8′8′ 6″20′4800 lbs.
20’ High Cube OR Double Door Container8′8′ 6″ – 9′ 6″20′4800-5200 lbs.
40’ Standard Shipping Container8′8′ 6″40′8600 lbs.
40’ High Cube OR Double Door Container8′8′ 6″- 9′ 6″40′9000-9800 lbs.

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Your Next Steps to New and Used Container Sales


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Select Your Container


Enjoy Container Ownership

10ft Roll-Up Door Storage Container

10 Foot Shipping Container for Sale

Modified container w/ Roll-up Door

10' Container w/ Rollup Door for Sale

small shipping container

10 Foot Storage Container for Sale

w/ Cargo Doors and Lockbox

10' Storage Container for Sale

10 ft shipping container

Smaller Shipping Containers for Sale

6-foot, 8-foot, Pump-house or Garden Shed alternative

Smaller Shipping Containers for Sale

New 20 Foot Shipping Container

20 Foot New Shipping Container for Sale

One-Trip Container

New 20-foot Shipping Container for Sale

Shipping Container with Door and Window

20 Foot Basic Container Office for Sale

w/ Insulated Steel Swing Door, Window, 2 Shelf Brackets, and Outlets

20' Basic Office Conex for Sale

Orange Shipping Container

Used 20 Foot Container for Sale

A good amount of space for a little less money

Used 20' Container for Sale

Double Door (doors on each end) 20 foot Container from Simple Box

40 Foot Double-Door or High-Cube Container for Sale

An extra Set of Cargo Doors or an extra foot Taller

40' Double-Door or High Cube Container for Sale

New 40 foot shipping for sale

New 40 Foot Shipping Container for Sale

One-trip Container that looks great and handles a

New 40' Container for Sale

Used 40ft High Cube Container for sale by Simple Box

Used 40' Foot Container for Sale

Typically 12 or more years old, lots of dents, but lots of space

Used 40' Shipping Container for Sale

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We focus on being local, professional, and kind. If at any point you have questions or concerns, a local manager is standing by and ready to help within 1 business day. 

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Common Uses for
Shipping Containers for Sale

Camo Box

Farm Or Ranch Storage

We like rugged. And we know you do, too. Simple Box takes rugged to the next level with our secure, heavy-duty Corten steel containers.Plus, new and cargo-worthy Shipping Containers are windproof and watertight, so your hunting gear will stay safe and dry.If you are an avid hunter or outdoorsman, you even have the option of creating a Camo Shipping Container!

Shipping containers are becoming popular for storage. At Get Simple Box, buy or rent a shipping container today to maximize your storage.

Buy a Shipping Container for a Home

Are you a Homeowner out of space in your current home or property, but don’t want to move? Small shipping containers can be a great solutions (or large shipping containers, if you need lots of storage space).Simple Box provides permanent or long-term storage right outside your backdoor. More secure than a shed, and no assembly required!

Rent Box

Container Storage for Business or Industrial Storage

Are you running out of room in the office for all of that stuff? Good thing there’s Simple Box.Our new and used shipping containers make building an additional storage space for the office very simple. Use it for extra storage or even extra work space.

Conex or Office Box Rental

Conex Storage for Contractors

Simple Box helps make construction projects run smoothly.Keep your supplies clean and dry in a conex or cargo container, and even give your crew a place to charge tools or stop for a lunch break.We can even help you customize your container by mounting company signs or logos, adding doors and windows, or other features.

Frequently Asked Questions on Used and New Container Sales

The price of a Container for Sale depends on a few variables:

The great thing about a Container is that they can be delivered practically anywhere. We deliver to Businesses and Job sites in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Because transportation cost is the main factor that affects the price difference from one region to the next, you can expect the cost to Rent or Buy to be 10-20% lower the nearer you are to a major port city. Final delivery costs vary from city to city, but usually end up being $2-3 per mile.


Small shipping containers will typically cost less than large shipping containers, but that is not always the case. Conex come in standard dimensions that are 8 feet wide and either 10′, 20′, or 40′ long. See our Container Dimensions chart for reference. The more common and available the container size/type, the lower the price will be. Due to global supply chain fluctuations, some years used 40′ containers are the cheapest of all, and other years (like in 2021) they are more expensive.


Most new containers have only made one trip across the ocean. As such, they are generally in much better cosmetic condition and more valuable. Most used containers have are 12 or more years old (sometimes 30 or more years old) and have made many voyages across the ocean and on trucks and trains. As such, they are generally less expensive (often 20-40% less than a brand new container).

ISO Containers (often called Conex Boxes in Industrial or Military settings) are made of thick Corten steel, with wood floor and heavy rubber door gaskets. They are built for storage, built to be moved, and built to last.

Practically every good, food, and textile makes its way around the world in a Shipping Container. Thanks in large part to the country of Australia, newer container floors are constructed without the use of harmful pesticides. Newer container floors feature a marine-grade plywood that is made from a variety of hardwoods or bamboo. Container floors are water-resistant and exceptionally durable.

The modern Shipping Container was invented in the 1950’s and has been continuously improved in the years since. Because they are built to withstand the harshest ocean conditions, containers are built to last for many years. It is quite common to see a 20-year-old container that looks in nearly brand-new condition, or to see a 40-years-old container that is still functioning well. As with any structure, when you own a container, you will want to make sure to keep it clean, painted, and maintained in order to maximize its life-span.

Our delivery team runs from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. We love it when we have at least 3 days notice, but we will do all that we can to get your delivery done on your ideal day(s).

Your Driver will call or text when they are on their way to your place.

We can deliver to most addresses in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington State. We can also move customers loaded to other states. 

Sometimes for a delivery that is further away from one of our locations, it is more cost-effective for a customer to buy the Box so that they are not paying a round-trip fee to have us come pick up the Box when they are all done.  

Feel free to give us a call to confirm whether we can deliver to your specific address and to schedule your delivery date.

Our drivers are amazing, but there are some times when a site just isn’t suitable, or a customer changes their mind. 

If a customer’s ideal delivery location is not suitable, the driver will do all that they can to place the Box in an alternate nearby location.

We budget for up to 30 minutes at customer site to load or unload, and secure the container. Any additional standby or transport time will be billed at $100 per hour.

Any towing or repair bills resulting from insufficient site conditions will be sent straight through to the customer or delivery contact.

All Deliveries are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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