Because we are local, we can often provide same-day or next-day storage container delivery service to cities and areas within  Washington, Oregon and parts of Idaho. And with a little more time to arrange it, we can get the storage container you want delivered practically anywhere, whether it’s an island in the San Juans or acreage in the Tri-Cities.

With this in mind, we usually require at least a 3-days’ notice to deliver a box to allow optimal availability and scheduling.

Here are two short videos that show how we deliver our containers. You’ll notice that the Driver backs the truck into place, gently sets one end of the Box on the ground, and then gently slides the truck out from underneath the Box before setting the other end of the Box on the ground.

We’re the local choice for portable storage. Delivering containers for sale or rent to customers in the following areas and beyond:

Preparing for Delivery

Simple Box’s primary goal is to make this process, well, simple. This includes limiting your need to prep.

However, we want to avoid bringing a bulky shipping container to a site only to discover that we can’t place the shipping container. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a suitable place in mind for your shipping container before we arrive.

Components to a Proper Shipping Container Site:

  1. The ground must be flat and firm. If your preferred location is on soft ground or is slightly sloped, we recommend bringing in gravel or using lumber blocks to help make the space more container friendly.
  2. Make sure that there are no low-hanging wires, branches, or anything that might get in the way of delivery. We require at least 15′ of clearance for our trucks to deliver containers.
  3. There must be room for the truck to navigate. A 20’ container requires 60’ of space for the truck, while a 40’ container requires 120’ of space for the truck.
  4. Try to plan for delivery on private property. We sometimes place shipping containers on city streets in front of your home, but we’ll only recommend this option for a short period of time. We prefer to place them on private property to avoid any potential issues. If we do place your shipping container on a city street or other public place, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to obtain proper permits.

We ask that you plan ahead and give us at least 3-days’ notice before you require delivery. All appointments depend upon availability, and three days should give us enough time to fit you in during your preferred times.

If you need a delivery within two days or less, we will institute a $50 expedited fee.