10 Foot Shipping Containers


8×10 Containers to Rent or Buy

Looking for a smaller storage unit that still provides excellent security and convenience? A 10 ft shipping container might be the perfect option for you. Simple Box offers a few types of 10 foot and smaller Containers for sale or rent in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Why choose a 10 foot Container?

There are plenty of great uses for a 10 ft Shipping Container:

Convenience - can fit in an area smaller than a parking space


Back-yard storage - more secure than a shed


Job site storage or Guard Shack


Generator noise control


80 square feet of storage wherever you need it

New 10 foot Container

What are the Dimensions of a 10 foot Container? 

Our 10 foot containers actually come in two varieties: One-trip and Custom Modified (with your choice of cargo doors or roll-up doors).

10 foot one-tripper Shipping Container dimensions:

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Height: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 2,900 pounds
    *note that these weights and dimensions are typical, but some variance may occur

10 foot Custom Modified Features:

  • You choose between cargo doors or roll-up door
  • Color is typically light gray or tan
  • Because this is a custom container, you can add other features such as windows, lights, etc.

Why buy a 10 foot Container from Simple Box?

Although it is not the most requested size in our offering (0 foot containers are the most popular), people choose Simple Box for their 10 foot containers because of our Service:

  • Rent or Buy your Container
  • Choose from standard condition or modified options
  • Service that is local, professional, and kind

Ready to get Simple Box? Contact us for a quote!

10 Foot Shipping Containers

Simple Box 10 foot container

A 10 foot container provides 80 square feet of sturdy storage space (much stronger than a garden shed). Standard 10 foot container height is 8 feet 6 inches outside, which allows for and Interior storage height of 7 feet 8 inches.

Our new 8×10 containers typically come in tan or gray color. They feature a built-in lockbox for added security and forklift pockets to for ease of moving around. Thick rubber door gaskets help keep the container free of wind, water, and rodents.

Although most of our 10 foot containers come with standard cargo doors, some of our 10 ft containers have a roll-up door option.

10ft_Roll-Up Door

We take a decent used shipping container and cut it down to 8×10 size. We then install a brand-new steel end wall and finish it off with a fresh coat of paint (typically light gray or tan). These 10′ containers have the option of either standard cargo doors (a little lower cost) or a 6 foot roll-up door (a little more convenient). The nice thing about choosing a custom-built 10 foot Container is that you get just the right sized space for a lower price than a new Box.

Because of their smaller size, the cost to ship them overseas has not been subsidized by having freight inside them… as a result, you can expect a new 8×10 or 7×9 container to often cost the same amount or even a little more than a new 20 foot container. But if you are needing secure space for a good price and don’t have room for a larger Box, the 10 foot container is the perfect solution. Typical 10 ft Container Pricing in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho can range from $2500-3700.


How Containers Are Delivered

How are 10 foot Containers Delivered?

We deliver our 10 foot Containers with the same system as our 20 foot containers. Our highly-trained delivery drivers just need about 60 feet of space to work and a fairly level surface to place the container.

Rent or buy?

Unlike most of our competitors, we always give our customers the option to rent or buy a container. It’s just part of treating our customers the way we would want to be treated.

Can I choose my own container?

We are local, so you are welcome to visit us at a location near you to choose your own Container, or give us a call and we can send photos or video of current container options for you to choose from.

Are there other size options?

If you need a different size of container, we also have other container sizes available, such as:

  • 20 foot containers
  • 40 foot containers
  • 45 foot High cube containers
  • Refrigerated reefer containers
  • We can also help you modify your Box into a portable office, container workshop, or container house. At Simple Box, you always have options!


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