10 Foot Shipping Container

Looking for a smaller storage unit that still provides excellent security and convenience? A 10 ft shipping container might be the perfect option for you. Simple Box offers 10-foot containers for sale, rent, or rent-to-own in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Why choose a 10′ Container?

There are plenty of great uses for a 10 ft Shipping Container:

Convenience - these containers can fit in an area smaller than a parking space


Back-yard storage - shipping containers are more secure than a shed


Accessibility - 80 square feet of storage wherever you need it


Portability - move your container as needed


Reliability - their all-steel construction is secure and watertight

What Can I Use a 10 Foot Shipping Container For? 


Generator Noise Control






Guard Shack


Custom Office Containers


Tool Crib




Pop-Up Shop or Food Stall






Art Studio


DIY Sauna

What are the Dimensions of a 10-foot Shipping Container?  

The dimensions of the Simple Box 10-foot shipping containers are:

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Height: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 2,900 pounds
    *weights and dimensions are typical; slight variance may occur

What Kind of Shipping Containers Are Available? 

Simple Box 10-foot containers come in two varieties: One-trip Standard, and Custom Modified (we call these “cut-downs” because they have been created from a larger container.

One-trip 10-foot Shipping Containers

One-trip 10-foot Container
A One-trip 10-foot container provides 80 square feet of sturdy storage space. Our standard 10-foot containers are 8 feet 6 inches tall on the outside. This allows for an interior storage height of 7 feet 8 inches.

One-trip containers are those that were manufactured overseas and used once to ship cargo to the US. Once they’re unloaded, the containers are sold. Much like our new 10-foot containers, our one-trip containers also provide 80 square feet of sturdy storage space. One-trip 10-foot containers are 8 feet 6 inches tall on the outside, which produces 7 feet 8-inch tall interior storage space.

These containers also come in tan or gray and feature a built-in lockbox for added security. Our one-trip containers include forklift pockets to make moving them around easy. Each shipping container has thick rubber door gaskets, which help keep the container free of wind, water, and rodents.

10-foot Custom Shipping Containers

Custom 10-foot Container
Simple Box’s 10-foot custom shipping containers are 8 feet 6 inches tall on the outside and have 80 square feet of customizable space. These custom shipping containers are light gray or tan and you can choose between standard cargo doors or roll-up doors. Each custom shipping container has thick rubber door gaskets, which help keep the container free of wind, water, and rodents.

The majority of our one-trip 10-foot containers come with standard cargo doors, but some containers have roll-up doors. In addition to a basic storage unit, we can customize your 10-foot shipping to meet your specific needs. Whether you want windows, lighting, lockboxes, security features, HVAC solutions, finished interiors, etc. Simple Box can add the modifications you need to make your shipping container work for you. When you choose a custom-build 10-foot container, you’ll get the right-sized space for less than the cost of a new shipping container.

Why buy a 10-foot Shipping Container from Simple Box?

When you choose Simple Box as your portable storage solution, you can expect:

  • Service that is local, professional, and kind
  • The ability to rent or buy a shipping container, or even rent-to-own
  • Choose from newer one-trip, and customized containers

Shipping Container FAQs

Can I Rent or Buy a 10-foot Shipping Container?

Unlike many Container companies, we give  customers the option to rent or buy their 10’ shipping containers. We also have a Rent-to-Own Container program. We want you to be able to choose the option that’s best for you.

Can I Choose My Own Container?
Yes! We are locally owned and operated so you can visit one of our locations to choose your 10’ shipping container. If you’d rather not come in person, give us a call. We can send you photos or a video of what we currently have in stock. We want this process to be as straightforward and easy as possible.
Where Can I Buy a 10’ Shipping Container Near Me?

We have locations for delivery in:

  • Arizona: Phoenix, Goodyear, Buckeye, Maricopa County
  • Idaho: Hayden and Coeur d’Alene
  • Oregon: Salem, Portland, and Eugene
  • Washington: Bellingham, Burlington, Ellensburg, Lynden, Marysville, North Seattle, Spokane and Yakima
Are There Other Size Options?
If you need a different size shipping container, we also have other container sizes available, such as:

* We can also help you modify your Box into a portable office, container workshop, or container house. At Simple Box, you always have options!

How are 10-foot Containers Delivered?
No matter what type of shipping container you order, our delivery process is the same. Our highly-skilled delivery drivers need 60 feet of space to maneuver and a fairly level surface to place the container.
How Much Does a 10’ Shipping Container Cost?
Even though 10’ shipping containers are small, the cost to ship them overseas has not been subsidized by having freight inside them. This means a new 8×10 or 7×9 container usually costs the same, if not a bit more, than a new 20-foot container. However, if you need a secure space for a good price, and you don’t have room for a larger unit, a 10-foot container is a perfect solution. 10ft container pricing ranges from $2700-3900.
How Can I Save Money on a 10’ Container?

Your friends at Simple Box know just how hard you work for your money. We want you to get the best value possible when you order a container from us. Here are a few ways to save money on your next 10’ shipping container:

  • Consider purchasing a Modified 10’ Cut-down Container rather than a One-trip Container. Cut-down containers are 10’ containers that were created from 20’ containers, which offsets the cost. You can usually save a few hundred dollars by choosing a cut-down container over a one-trip container.
  • Another great way to save money is to purchase a used 10’ container from our rental fleet. These boxes are still in great condition, though they will have a bit more wear and tear than our one-trip containers. Purchasing one of our former rental boxes can save you $100-$200.
  • If you are looking to rent a container and want to save some money, we suggest you take advantage of Simple Box’s referral program. Here’s how it works:
    • When you refer a new customer to rent or buy a Container from Simple Box, you’ll both receive an additional one-time $20 credit on your next month’s bill.
    • At this time, there’s no limit to this offer – if you refer 5 or 6 new customers, you may even find your next month’s rental to be free of charge.
    • Just tell your friend to use the discount code 20GREATFRIENDS and your name when they place an order for a Container.

No matter what your shipping container needs are, Simple Box can deliver the quality and service you’re looking for. Call us at 1-855-855-4269 or call the Simple Box location nearest you. We look forward to taking your call and earning your business.

Ready to get Simple Box? Contact us for a quote!


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