What is Simple Box doing in response to COVID-19?

Like most of the world, our community and our company has been affected by the Coronavirus and the Economic downturn associated with it. These are times of such uncertainty. Yet we are not without hope. Here is a brief message from Simple Box owner, Ross Black, on what is changing and what is not changing as we work to respond with wisdom and compassion.

What is not changing?

  • MISSION: we exist as a company to serve. We believe that as we serve, we will prosper.
  • CORE SERVICES: we deliver Containers to homes and job sites throughout the Northwest (Washington and Oregon). Our amazing drivers have been working overtime delivering Conex to Hospitals, Food Banks, and community centers, along with homes and job sites. We can still deliver containers well and maintain social distancing.

What is changing?

  • OFFICE ACCESS: Our offices will be closed to the public. We are doing this for three reasons:
    1. To do all that we can to minimize the transmission of the virus.
    2. To honor the request of Hospital staff and First Responders – the unsung heroes of our community. 
    3. To honor the requests of our governmental leaders.
  • CONTAINER SUPPLY: As mentioned previously, the current crisis has put a major burden on global supply chain and logistics. We have hundreds of containers that are just not in the right place at the right time. In light of the other issues going on in the world – this is not a big deal. It’s just that we expect to run into a bit of a shortage of containers in 30-60 days. For the time being we do have supply and we are able to deliver on short notice (often within 24 hours).

What happens next?

  • RENT OR BUY: if you are needing a container, simply contact us here. We are standing by to help. You are also free to come by and visit any of our locations to choose your own Box. Pricing is on most Boxes and you can always give us a call to get more details.

  • A NOTE ABOUT PRICING: As the supply of containers decreases and the demand increases, we are seeing many prices begin to skyrocket. Our commitment as a company is to not raise prices just because we could. That kind of manipulation is unjust and we just aren’t doing it. We are maintaining existing prices and just working with decreased margins for the time being, and as additional supply comes available, we will price them accordingly.

  • WHAT SETS US APART: We believe the Simple Box difference is that we are Local, Professional, and Kind. With more locations in the northwest – we can deliver on short notice. With the most Professional Drivers – we handle each container with care. With the Kindest Team members in the industry – we treat our customers with care. It is a commitment to those principles that is driving us to make this temporary change.

Thank you for supporting our small business as we work to support the incredible businesses and citizens of our community. We’re here to help right now and we plan to be here years from now.

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