As owners, our motto is simple:

It’s not about us.

  • Project Managers
  • First Responders
  • Non-profit Volunteers
  • Small Business Owners


We’ve dedicated our working hours at Simple Box to help make their lives and their work more enjoyable and meaningful.

At the end of the day, if we’ve succeeded in that, we’ve succeeded in business.


Meet Ross Black and his dad, Dave. Ross worked as a dishwasher for the 4 years leading up to his 16th birthday in order to buy his dream car (a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback) and the father-son team fixed it up together.

Two years later, Ross learned that in order to graduate from high school he would need to complete a Senior Class Project. Dave encouraged him to do something significant. Rather than a book report or science experiment, Ross decided to sell his dream car and used the proceeds to start the business (a small mini-storage warehouse).

After a few years of successful operation, it came time to expand and the Simple Box container concept was born. 

Dave likes to joke, “We’re still helping Ross complete his senior class project!”.

Simple Box Storage Founders


Our company goals are clear:

  1. Make a Difference (be helpful).
  2. Make it Better (continuous improvements).
  3. Make a Profit (and use it to grow wisely and give generously).


Our commitment to make a difference includes:


  • Sponsoring one orphan or widow for each member on our team, helping to cover their food, shelter, clothing and school.
  • We have also been able to send cargo containers full of relief supplies after disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and Forest fires in Eastern Washington. After the contents have been emptied, the containers remain useful for additional storage or workspace (they can even be converted into a classroom!).


  • Donating the use of containers to ministries in the community who need some extra assistance during life changing events like floods, fires, or restorations.
  • Honoring our Veterans and First Responders by offering a discount on our services and sponsoring events to raise awareness and funds for their needs.


“As a company, one of our core values is to make a difference. Simple Box gives us a tremendous opportunity to serve people in need of storage. But the thing we are most passionate about is using our time, talent, and treasure to care for the needs of orphans and widows.”

Ross Black Founder/CEO


There are other national companies that can rent, sell, and modify Containers, but there are three things that we believe everyone deserves to experience when they work with us:

1. TRANSPARENCY: If the box you get does not match the description and the photos you are shown, we’ll pick it up for free. You deserve to know the specific container you are getting so there are no surprises.

2. SIMPLICITY: You deserve a simple process. Our local team is here to set up your account, schedule delivery, and answer any questions you have about containers. 

3. DELIVERY: You shouldn’t have to be worried about how your container is delivered or who is doing the delivery. We deliver all of our own containers with our own highly trained drivers. We can even move your 20’ Box loaded from one place to another.

We look forward to serving you!