The Simple Guide to Moving Containers

Everything you need to determine if a Moving Container is right for you, what size of Container you need, and how to choose a good Moving Container company. 

Introduction to Moving Containers

 In this guide, we will explore the essential topics of choosing the right container, the benefits of using a shipping container for your move, and the ins and outs of loading, unloading, container delivery, and transport. Whether you’re planning a local residential move or need to move out of state, this page will provide you with valuable insights to ensure a smooth and successful container moving experience

1. Choosing the Right Moving Container

 When it comes to renting a moving container, making the right choice helps ensure a seamless and stress-free move. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate through the top 5 mistakes to avoid, provide insights on determining the best container size based on your needs, and offer valuable tips for choosing the right shipping container size for your specific move. Get ready to make informed decisions and optimize your container rental experience with our expert advice.

Woman standing in front of Shipping Container doors after she got shipping container prices. The Container is gray.

2. What are the benefits of moving with a shipping container?

Discover the numerous advantages of moving with a shipping container in this insightful guide. From 5 tips to ensure you get the best deal when moving to the key considerations between moving containers and trucks, and even the comparison between shipping containers and traditional storage units, we’ll help you navigate the options. Find out why moving containers are a convenient solution for long-distance moves and make an informed choice for your next relocation.

3. How to Load and Unload a Shipping Container

Are you preparing to pack and eventually unpack a shipping container for your upcoming move? Efficiently packing your moving containers is essential to ensure a smooth and organized process. In this guide, we’ll provide you with 10 expert tips to pack your moving containers like a pro, share strategies to maximize space effectively, outline the dos and don’ts of loading, and offer valuable advice on safely packing fragile items. Get ready to master the art of loading and unloading your shipping container for a successful and stress-free move.

4. How do I prepare for a moving container delivery?

From preparing for the moving container delivery to understanding what to expect during the process, we’ve got you covered. Discover five crucial things you need to do to ensure a seamless delivery, learn common mistakes to avoid, and explore valuable tips and tricks to make your container delivery as easy as possible. Get ready to navigate the world of container delivery with confidence and ease. 


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Our preference is to always deliver a Simple Box onto private property when possible. Occasionally, at the request of a customer, we will deliver a Simple Box along a City street or lane for a very short period of time. Whenever it may be necessary to deliver a Simple Box in a public area or street, it is the responsibility of the Renter to obtain a permit from the applicable Government or Homeowners Association.

To ensure a safe delivery, please make sure the ground is firm, there are no low-hanging wires, and you have enough space for the truck to pull forward from the back of the box. For a 20-foot container, we need 60 feet of space for the truck to pull forward. For a 40-foot container, we need 120 feet for the truck and trailer to pull forward.

You don’t need to be there for the delivery or pick-up as long as the delivery area is clear and we have a good idea of where you’d like the box to be placed (some people leave a cone, lawn chair, or brightly painted rock where they would like the doors to be placed).

Our driver will do everything they can to place your box where you would like it, but if it is determined that it would be unsafe or impossible due to space, they may choose the next most sensible place to deliver the box.

Rent is just month-to-month and there are no long-term contracts, but you can rent it for as long as you’d like. Most people rent if they know they will need the space for less than a year, and if they think they will be using the container for longer, they will request to purchase. With Simple Box you always have options.

Customer Testimonials

"To be able to have my storage onsite and accessible, for however long I needed it. And then to have it picked up when I called, all for a great price. Priceless!“
Susanna A.
Burlington, WA
"Very professional with great customer service. Answered all our questions, delivered and set up our container without any issues."
John B.
Woodburn, OR

Typical Moving Container Prices

A container is a good choice whether you are moving across town or across the state.

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Local Moving

Secure storage in a smaller footprint.

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In-state Moving

Our Most Popular Choice.

Moving Containers for Out of State

Out of State Moving

Huge Space. Convenient Delivery.

Make your next move your best move.

Our team is standing by to help you get the storage when you need it, delivered where you need it.