What You Need to Know About Moving to Oregon with Get Simple Box

Are you moving to Salem, Oregon or the Eugene/Springfield area? Moving to Oregon is especially exciting because you can spend the day at the beach, the mountains, or even the city with just a short drive. Not to mention the unique spirit of the people of Salem, their love for delicious food, and great hospitality. However, the moving excitement can often turn overwhelming with so much information swirling around. It can be challenging to decipher what information you need to know right now in order to make the most effective decision regarding your move to Oregon.

The team at Get Simple Box has been helping families move since 1997 and our current team of drivers has moved over 40,000 boxes (and counting)! The following are some useful tips we give families as they embark on their new journey to the Northwest!

Durability and Maintenance

How much time do you need to plan for to ensure your move from one state to another is as stress free as possible? We have found that region-to-region moves typically require 5-7 business days to complete: 1 day for the Simple Box to be picked up from your starting location, 3-5 days for your container transportation to the new region, and 1 day for delivery of the Simple Box to the new destination.

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Know What To Budget

We understand that, with a move, there are costs associated with it. You also want to compare other moving options to maximize your needs and your budget. With this in mind, we have compiled a general budget guide for moving with a shipping container. All our moves are done with a 20’ container providing 1,260 cubic feet of convenient storage space.

Moves are broken down into 3 categories:


Local moves in the Portland and Salem area are typically just a few miles across town and cost starts at $450 and up*, which includes the first month’s rent. We work around your schedule, so you choose your best day to move. 

*Typical price range. All rates are based on actual distance traveled from our location.


These moves across counties and regions typically cost $600 and up*, which includes the first month’s rent. You can keep the box as long as you’d like and can avoid rushing on moving day.

*Typical price range. All rates are based on actual distance traveled from our location.


These moves often cross state lines and may be several hundred miles away. Long distance moves typically cost between $4-6 per mile from your current location to your new location. Again, we do the driving for you so you can focus on your family and getting to your new home safely.

*Some service areas are not available. All rates are based on actual distance traveled from our location.

At Simple Box, YOU are in control of your timing. Are you faced with a moving date or location change? No worries! We can keep your Box at one of our storage yards until you are ready for it.

Know The Right Season To Make Your Move

While Oregon is an absolutely beautiful state, there are some harsh weather conditions that can make your move a bit more challenging if not taken into account. If you plan to move in the winter, you should be aware that the temperatures will be much cooler and there is more of a chance for the snow/ice conditions to play a factor in your move. If you’re planning a winter move, we recommend allowing an extra 5-7 days for weather disruptions. Another tip we like to give for winter moves is to make sure everything you put into storage is dry so you don’t end up with any unexpected mildew. Moving across states can be done during any season, but it is important to understand the climate of your new destination to avoid any unwanted issues.

Know The Most Efficient Way To Move

At Simple Box, we make loading and unloading easier with ground level container delivery. We help you make the most of your time; If your moving date or location changes, we can keep your Box at one of our storage yards until you are ready for it. With a 20ft container, our boxes offer 30% more space then other shipping container moving companies. We take care of the driving so that you can focus on your end goal – arriving at your new destination.

Moving can be a big undertaking. Get the support you need. At Get Simple Box, we are proud supporters of the Salem, Oregon Chamber of Commerce. Upon visiting their website, you will be able to access a full business directory of the local Oregon resources to help you more seamlessly transition to your new home.


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