How To Rent A Storage Space

There are various reasons why you may be wondering how to rent storage space. Maybe you’re moving from your old house before your new place is ready. Perhaps you’re down-sizing and your new home does not have enough room for all your treasured items. Or you’ve just inherited Aunt Sally’s furniture and you want to save it for when your daughter gets her own place. Whatever the reason there are a few things you should know about how to rent storage space.


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Container Moving Service

If your household goods need to be put into storage for any length of time, your moving container company may provide this service. Ask your movers and have them prepare a quote. Even if it costs a little more to use their service, it may be worth the extra amount for the convenience of having your moving company deliver your items directly from your home to the storage facility. If this is an option, make sure you ask if you have access to your things and if you do, what kind of notice is required. Also, research their storage facility as you would any other company.

How to Rent Storage – How Much Storage Do You Need?

So you need a place to store your things, but before you start investigating various options available, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need all this stuff?
  • If I got rid of some of this stuff, would I really miss them?
  • When was the last time I used it? (if you can’t answer this, you should probably chuck it!)
  • Does it have any sentimental or monetary value? Will this value increase with time?

Of course, you really should ask yourself these questions before you start packing.

Keep What You Love. Donate What You Don’t.

The key to any successful moved with rented storage space is to sort, strip-down and sell. If you can’t sell it, donate it.

The next question is, what are you storing? Items such as wine, boats and vehicles all require special storage. Or if you’re storing valuable papers, you may want to ask about climate-control facilities. Just keep in mind that climate-control storage costs more, but will prevent temperature changes from damaging your belongings.

In addition, you will want to view shipping container dimensions to determine which shipping container sizes will house all of your belongings. The contents of most 3 bedroom homes fit nicely in a 20 foot shipping container.

So, determine which items will be stored, take inventory, make a list and have this information ready when you start calling companies.


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