Pros And Cons Of A Modified
Shipping Container Office

Have you considered using a modified shipping container as an office? Believe it or not, shipping containers are now used as an alternative building material for homes and offices. A modified shipping container may be the key to building your dream office at a much more reasonable price than building one traditionally. Below, we discuss the pros and cons of a modified shipping container office.

Pros of a Modified Shipping Container Office

With Covid, most of us aren’t strangers to working from home. In fact, working from home has become a new normal for many people. Working from the comfort of your home can be nice but is it a quiet environment where you can work? Are you as motivated working from home as you are going to an office environment? This is where a shipping container would come in. Below are the pros of a modified shipping container office.


When compared to building a traditional office, a modern shipping container office is quite cost-effective. A typical shipping container can cost anywhere from $1,400 to $5,000. However, when looking for a container office for sale, it’s important to look for one that you can easily build with and that is properly made.


When shipping containers are being manufactured, one thing that is always kept in mind is durability. They have to withstand extreme weather conditions, they are meant to keep out unwanted animals, and they are also built to last long months/years on a ship while at sea. When well-maintained, a conex office can last approximately 25 – 30 years.

The Creative Freedom

One advantage of a shipping container office is that they are completely customizable. With a shipping container, you are starting with a perfectly clean slate. This allows you to add windows, walls, or a door wherever you want. If you were to renovate an old building, you wouldn’t have the creative freedom that a shipping container allows you to have. With your vision, you will be able to turn a shipping container into the office of your dreams.

A Temporary or Permanent Solution

A plus side of a shipping container office is it can be a permanent solution or a temporary one. If you are looking for a modern office for yourself or one for your business, a shipping container is a great option. For a temporary solution, a site office is ideal if you work at a construction site or your current office is under construction.


A storage container office is not only a temporary solution but it can also be transported easily. A storage container is initially made to be transported on a train, truck, or ship, and if you stay within the appropriate dimensions, your office will still be able to be transported. If you work in construction, this is good news because you can now take your office just about anywhere!

A Spacious Work Environment

Your first thought may be that a shipping container office would be a tight squeeze, and your office furniture and materials will not be able to fit. In all actuality, they are quite spacious. Shipping containers come in different sizes. Whether you choose a medium or large container, you will be able to fit all of your work materials in the container and still not feel claustrophobic or like you’re in a confined space. Depending on if you’re looking for a personal home office or an office for your business, you’ll be able to find the right one that accommodates everyone’s needs. 


Shipping containers are not only built with durability in mind, but security is also a big factor. They are meant to keep your things secure from animals and shipping container thieves. With the appropriate locks and maybe even security cameras, you can have a piece of mind knowing that your office materials, electronics, and furniture are kept safe.


One reason why many people choose to build with shipping containers is the fact that they are eco-friendly. This gives people the opportunity to build an office out of shipping containers that are no longer being used, and give them a new purpose. This also reduces the use of traditional building materials like wood.

A Quiet Place to Work

If you’re working from home, it may be difficult to get work tasks done. Being in your home, there can be a lot of distractions from work such as pets, lack of motivation, no set schedule, and no change in scenery. A shipping container office gives you the chance to escape your home scenery and the lack of motivation that comes with it. It gives you the chance to get your work done in a quiet environment, without the distractions you would have from home.

Cons of a Modified Shipping Container Office

Building an office, in general, is not a light decision to make. A modified shipping container office has several pros, but it also has its cons. It’s important to weigh not only the pros but the cons as well when making this decision. Below are the cons of a modified shipping container office.

Chemicals From a Repurposed Container

By repurposing a shipping container for an office, you can run the risk of getting a shipping container that once held toxic chemicals. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the shipping container was possibly used on a ship. Saltwater can eat away at the steel over time. Make sure that you thoroughly inspect your shipping container before you turn it into an office.

Permits and Codes

Depending on the location, you will generally need a permit for your conex office. Since shipping container homes and offices are still relatively new, it’s essential to do your own research to ensure that you are legally complying with planning regulations.

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