How are Storage Containers Delivered?

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Storage Container Delivery:

At Get Simple Box we deliver portable storage containers for moving (compare to PODS® or PACK-RAT®) throughout Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Idaho. One of our most popular services is door-to-door mobile storage where:
  1. We deliver an clean, secure, storage container to your home or business,
  2. You fill it up at your own pace,
  3. Whenever you are ready, we pick up your loaded container and deliver it to your new place or back to one of our Simple Box locations for storage.

Here’s how our highly trained delivery drivers deliver a 20 foot or 40 foot container:

The Driver backs the truck into place
  • One end of the Box is gently placed on the ground
  • The Driver gently slides the truck or trailer out from underneath the Box before setting the other end of the Box on the ground.
  • The Box is always securely resting on the truck or the ground, and it is never “dropped.”
  • Our delivery drivers are amazing and have completed thousands of deliveries with perfection. One of the most common complaints we hear from people who rent or buy a container from other container companies is that they hire a random towing company or out-of-state trucking company to deliver their containers.

    With Simple Box, your delivery driver is a qualified team member so you know that your Box will be treated with care and your satisfaction is our only priority! We work with our customers to find the best place for their Box, we take the time to level the Box, and we explain the best way to open/close the Container doors and secure your belongings with a built-in lockbox.

    At Simple Box, we take the stress out of moving and storage by providing Simple Secure Storage, delivered where you need it, when you need it. Call or Request a Quote today and ask about our special Moving package!


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