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20 foot Open Side Containers

Convenient. Secure. Adaptable.

The 20 foot open side shipping container offers a convenient and unique solution for storing and transporting goods. With its side-opening feature, it provides easy access and maximum flexibility. Discover the secure and versatile benefits of this container.

20-ft Open Side Container for Sale

Perfect for easy loading and unloading of oversized cargo. Discover the versatility of a 20-foot open-side shipping container. Get Simple Box provides Shipping Containers for Sale, Rent, and Moving. Order now. The video below provides an example of a typical 20 foot side opening shipping container. 

Cargo Doors: 20 foot Open Side

20 foot Open Side containers typically have 2 sets of cargo doors on one side wall. The side opening doors allow for easy loading and unloading, especially with a forklift or pallet truck.

20 foot open side shipping container Get Simple Box

Exterior Walls: 20 foot Open Side

The 20 foot Open side containers are typically light gray or beige in color, but may come in other colors. The top rails of the corrugated walls are reinforced to allow the entire side wall to open. One wall will be a standard wall and the other will be a large door that opens in sections. 

20 foot open side shipping container Get Simple Box

Features: 20 foot Open Side

Like other shipping containers, a thick rubber gasket keeps water and rodents out, and the doors usually have a lockbox to conceal your padlock. The 20-foot open side container is equipped with multiple vents and D-rings or lashing points to secure inventory or hang shelf brackets from. 

20 foot open side shipping container Get Simple Box

Roof and Floor: 20 foot Open Side

20 foot Open-side containers typically have plywood flooring or bamboo weaved flooring and 2 forklift pockets for easy maneuvering on site.

Floorboards are screwed into steel crossmembers underneath the container. The floor is sealed to provide a leak-proof and rodent-proof surface.The floor of an open side container is usually elevated a little bit higher than standard (there is extra steel in the floor/ceiling to compensate for the removal of the corrugated wall).

20 foot open side shipping container Get Simple Box

Condition Notes: 20 foot Open Side

A 20 foot Open Side container provides about 1,200 cubic feet of storage and can be accessed conveniently.

Because we are local, you can choose your own container and we can often deliver on short notice.

Our Containers are built to last and hold their value. Easy setup, and expert local delivery done by our own highly-trained delivery drivers.

20 foot open side shipping container Get Simple Box

20-foot Open Side Container Dimensions

A 20 foot Open Side container weighs approximately 6,790 pounds and provides about 1,200 cubic feet of storage. Typical dimensions are 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9.5 feet tall.

20-foot Open Side Container

Starting at $5850-7950
  • Exterior Height: 9'-6"
  • Exterior Width: 8'-0"
  • Exterior Length: 20'-0"
  • Interior Height: 8'-10"
  • Interior Width: 7'-10"
  • Interior Length: 19'-9"
  • Empty Weight: 6,790 lbs.


Since the shipping lines do not use these open-sided container configurations in their shipping fleets there are no used open-sided units available for purchase. For a used unit with access to the side we recommend having one or more 6′ to 10′ steel roll-up doors installed in a standard used shipping container.

Our 20 ft Open-side containers are typically available for sale only. If looking to rent, a long-term rental contract may be required. Ask your local Get Simple Box store for more details. 

As of September 2023, most 20 ft Open-side containers start at $6500-9500 and prices vary based on condition and location.

We require 60 feet in a straight line to deliver a 20 ft Open-side container with our standard delivery equipment. If you have less space available or a unique delivery site, contact us to schedule a site check. We may be able to brainstorm other delivery methods such as a crane or forklift to set it into place.

We deliver our 20 foot shipping containers on a specialized container delivery truck. The driver backs into position, gently sets one end of the container down, then pulls forward and gently sets the other end of the container on the ground or dunnage.

Most people find the price to buy a 20 ft Open-side container to be comparable to the price of buying a shed. However, the life-span and minimal maintenance required for a 20 ft Open-side container makes it a much better long-term investment. A shed may deteriorate to nothing over time and can be very hard to move or re-sell, but a 20 ft Open-side container holds its value and can be moved again and again.

These containers work great for someone storing very long items that need be handled by a forklift (long pipe, equipment, building material, etc.). They also make for a convenient stage or pop-up store.

Everything from a vehicle, to an aircraft engine, to gym equipment! The possibilities are endless with 20 ft Open-side containers.

Wondering where you can get a Box like this? We offer 20 ft Open-side containers for sale at our locations in Phoenix, Palm Springs, Salem, Bellingham, Yakima, and the Seattle area. Please note that because these are not a standard type of container, supply may be limited. Call today to confirm availability from the location closest to you.

We have container depot locations in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Why Choose a 20-foot Open-side Shipping Container?


Side opening doors allow easy access and the ability to load longer items.


Thick rubber door gaskets and shrouded lockbox provide secure storage at your location.


Get the storage space you need for lower cost than typical construction methods.

Why choose Get Simple Box?


Choose your own Container at one of our convenient locations, or we can send you photos or video.


Celebrating 25 years of serving customers with excellent customer service and our own highly trained delivery drivers.


100's of 5-star reviews demonstrate that we're committed to doing business that is good for the community.

Ready to buy a 20-foot Open Side Shipping Container?

  1. Choose a location to request pricing via the form on our website.
  2. We invite you to come choose and inspect your own 20 ft Open-side container or we can also send you photos.
  3. Choose the ideal delivery day to have your container delivered.
  4. Enjoy the convenience and security of a 20 ft Open-side container!

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Our goal is to offer a good container at a fair price, with expert local delivery and excellent customer service throughout. We aim to have transparent process so that you can feel confident in the condition of the shipping container and the price quoted for delivery. Because shipping containers are heavily influenced by the price of steel, wood, fuel, and labor, all prices, including delivery rates, are subject to change without notice.

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