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A lack of proper storage space often results in:

Each Simple Box Delivery is always completed by our own highly-trained delivery team.

We help you make the best use of your schedule. Choose your Ideal Delivery Date.

We get you in direct contact with your local storage representative for a personal and thorough experience.



Portable Storage and Conex rentals are a cost-effective solution – often lower priced than typical mini-storage.


We do the driving for you. Renting a Container frees up your schedule to focus on on more important things.


Since we’re local, we can usually deliver a 20 or 40 foot rental container anywhere in Arizona, Oregon, and Washington within days.


10ft Roll-Up Door Storage Container

10 Foot Container Rental

w/ Roll-up Door

10' Container Rental w/ Rollup Door

$109 per month + Delivery
small shipping container

10 Foot Storage Container Rental

w/ Cargo Doors and Lockbox

10' Storage Container Rental

$109 per month + Delivery
Shipping Container interior

10 Foot Container Workshop Rental

Includes Shelving, Overhead LED Light and Duplex outlet

10' Container Workshop Rental

$159 per month + Delivery
New 20 Foot Shipping Container

20 Foot Container for Moving

Fits most items from a 3-bedroom House

20' Moving Container Rental

$149 per month + Delivery
Customer renting a 20 foot container

20 Foot Storage Container Rental

1280 Cubic Feet of Convenient Storage Space

20' Storage Container Rental

$129 per month + Delivery
Shipping Container with Door and Window

20 Foot Job Box Container Rental

w/ People Door, Window, Shelving, and Outlets

20' Job Box Container Rental

$199 per month + Delivery
Double Door (doors on each end) 20 foot Container from Simple Box

40 Foot Double-Door or High-Cube Container Rental

An even more Convenient Storage Space

40' Double-Door or High Cube Container Rental

$229-259 per month + Delivery
Gray shipping container

40 Foot Storage Container Rental

Plenty of Space for an Affordable Price

40' Storage Container Rental

$199-229 per month + Delivery
Used 40ft High Cube Container for sale by Simple Box

40 Foot Construction Storage Rental

2,560 cubic feet of Rugged Storage Space

40' Construction Container Rental

$159 per month + Delivery


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Enjoy Convenient Storage

It’s not surprising that people grow tired of dealing with time constraints, unresponsive vendors, and a calendar that feels out of control

At Simple Box we know that you want to be confident in the planning of your projects – whether a home renovation, big construction project, or a long-distance move. In order to do that, you need a smooth delivery process with direct contact to a reliable supplier. 

We believe you should receive a timely delivery of a rental container from a local company who cares about your project. It’s not right that many projects don’t always come together smoothly, which is why we have convenient local Rental offices to better serve you.

With a Simple Box container rental delivered right where you need it, you’ll be able to experience newfound productivity.

New Confidence

Get the space you need.

Peace of Mind

A plan for today for a better tomorrow

Personal Experience

Get answers when you need them.


Your portable storage unit can be delivered right to your home or job site. It’s the mini-storage that comes right to you, making it the most adaptable storage solution in the area.

We know how complicated building a house or running a business can be. Getting a Container for Rent helps you cut through the clutter by providing instant space right where you need it.

1. Leader in Portable Storage since 1997

2. Our team has moved over 40,000 boxes

3. 8 convenient Storage Locations to serve you better

4. We are Family Owned & Operated to better tailor your experience

We’re the local choice for portable storage with expert ground-level delivery of Container Rentals in Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.



What is a Conex Box?

A Conex or Conex Box is just another term for an ISO Intermodal Container that is often used for shipping and storage. Shipping Containers are often the toughest, simplest, and most cost-effective storage solution. One of the first things Project Managers often need to arrange is for a Conex to keep equipment secure and the job site organized. 

Why get a Conex?

Gray shipping container with window and door



We’d love at least 3 days notice for delivery or pickup of your Box. All Delivery appointments are based on availability in the schedule, so it is best to call with as much notice as possible to ensure your desired dates are available. We always need a window of two days or day-slots to work with. Appointments made under two business days are considered expedited and may be subject to a $50 expedited fee.

You don’t need to be there for the delivery or pick-up as long as the delivery area is clear and we have a good idea of where you’d like the Box to be placed (some people leave a cone, lawn-chair, or brightly painted rock where they would like the doors to be placed). Your Dispatcher will give you a call or text the afternoon before your delivery is scheduled and your Driver will call or text when they are on their way to your place.

To ensure a safe delivery, please make sure the ground is firm, there are no low-hanging wires, and you have enough space for the truck to pull forward from the back of the box. For a 20’ box, we need 60 feet of space for the truck to pull forward. For a 40’ box, we need 120 feet. You can watch a video of a container delivery here.

The driver will do everything he can to place your Box where you would like it, but if the driver determines that it would be unsafe, unwise, or impossible to deliver to that location, he will choose the next most sensible place to deliver the Box or have you sign a Hold Harmless agreement before attempting delivery.

The only thing you need to worry about is that the surface is fairly level and firm.
If the delivery area is on grass, mud, or a steeper slope, we recommend getting some gravel or several 12-inch 4×6 treated lumber blocks to help get the Box level and get some air-flow underneath the Box. We do not recommend railroad ties as they are often uneven and we’ve seen a lot of people injure themselves trying to drag them around. Containers are made to carry all of the weight at the corners, so all you really need is a treated block under the corner (the drivers carry some dunnage on the trucks).

Our preference is to always deliver a Simple Box onto private property when possible. Occasionally, at the request of a customer, we will deliver a Simple Box along a City street or lane for a very short period of time. Whenever it may be necessary to deliver a Simple Box in a public area or street, it is the responsibility of the Renter to obtain a permit from the applicable City or Government.

Yes! It’s one of the things we do best… call or email for pricing for a loaded move in a container to your new location. Keep in mind that our trucks and forklifts do have weight limits, so in order to avoid an overweight fee, make sure to pack no more than 9,000 pounds in the Box (the average weight of contents from a 3 bedroom home is 6,500 pounds) and distribute the weight evenly.


Boxes rent month-to-month and there is no long-term contract, so you can keep it for as long or little as you’d like. If you fall in love with your box, we can even give you an option to purchase it. We also have a Rent-to-Own Container program (be sure to ask about this prior to choosing your container).

Most Contractors rent rather than buying a container so that the cost of the Box can be directly billed to the customer or job. But they are surprised to find that many other container companies charge “funny fees” such as fuel surcharges and bill on 4-week cycles (which ends up costing you 18% more than you were planning). At Simple Box, even your billing is simple. Rent is just month to month and you pay for all trucking up front. 

You are responsible for insuring your own belongings. You may want to check with your Homeowners or Renters insurance provider.


Do not store hazardous, explosive, or flammable materials in the Box (such as propane tanks or gas jugs). Gasoline should also be drained from any equipment placed in the container.

Our rental Boxes come with a steel lock-box welded or bolted onto the outside of the cargo doors. The lock-box conceals your padlock and protects it from tampering. You provide your own padlock and keep the key (we sell a Master Lock 6850 that fits perfectly). If you’re buying a container, we can install a lock-box for you.

Our containers are constructed of 14 gauge steel with 1-1/8” marine grade hardwood flooring, and a water-tight gasket around the doors. As long as you make sure to close the door and only store dry things inside the container, your contents will be safe from wind, rain, and rodents.

No matter what your shipping container needs are, Simple Box can deliver the quality and service you’re looking for. Call us at 1-855-855-4269 or call the Simple Box location nearest you. We look forward to taking your call and earning your business.