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Ever dreamt of owning your own business and being part of an industry that’s always in demand? At Get Simple Box, we offer an exciting franchise opportunity that lets you dive into the booming market of portable storage. Whether you’re interested in providing shipping containers for sale, storage container rentals, or even moving containers, our franchise model is designed to make your entrepreneurial journey smooth and successful.

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How it started

Founded in 1997, Get Simple Box began as a high school project by Ross Black and has since flourished into a thriving family-run business. Ross sold his cherished 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback to fund the startup and was helped each step of the way by his father, Dave. It’s that same attitude of partnership, innovation and continuous improvement that fuels the growth today. Get Simple Box currently operates in 7 locations across 4 states and is positioned for further growth through franchising.

A Booming Self Storage Industry

People are moving, renovating, and seeking convenient storage options more than ever. The portable storage market has experienced consistent growth (steady in most years and rapid growth in others), with a projected value of $71.37 billion by 2027 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.65% from 2021 to 2027. Moreover, the market share concentration is low with the top contenders generating less than 40% of the industries revenue. With the demand increasing and the market share low, now may be the best time to begin your franchise ownership.

Get Simple Box Offers a Proven Business Model

Get Simple Box is not just about providing containers; it’s about providing solutions. Over the last 27 years, Get Simple Box has refined and improved the way individuals move and store their belongings. Starting with a high school student’s senior class project and one location in Lynden, Washington, Get Simple Box has grown to 8 locations spanning 4 states. Our proven business model helps Franchise Partners start strong and grow steadily. With a support system that includes initial training, ongoing marketing, and weekly strategic assistance, we’re committed to helping each franchise partner feel connected in their journey. We help you navigate everything from perfecting your delivery process to developing a team and building your container rental fleet.

The Franchise Advantage

Choosing our storage franchise may offer significant advantages compared to typical franchise models. 
  • While royalty fees for most franchises range from 8-10%, the royalty fee with Get Simple Box is a competitive 5%. 
  • Initial franchise fees generally fall between $40,000 and $60,000, with total initial investments spanning from $400,000 to $1.2 million. 
  • A portable storage franchise allows you to add storage units one by one, rather than building out a warehouse all at once.
Of course the finances of a business are crucial, but aside from fees and costs, our franchise stands out for the support that we offer franchisees. 

Comprehensive Support

When you join the Get Simple Box family, you’re not just getting a franchise; you’re gaining a partner. We provide comprehensive training to get you started, covering everything from the basics of the shipping container industry to advanced operational strategies. Our leadership team is committed to offering feedback, answering questions, and providing the resources you need to succeed. At GSB we run on EOS (the Entreprenurial Operating System), giving our Franchise Partners strong support from leadership in the form of weekly Level-10 meetings, a Vision/Traction Organizer, Quarterly goal-setting sessions, and an Annual planning workshop. We practice what we preach and we are committed to walking with our Franchise Partners each step of the way.

Flexible Business Model

One of the best things about a Get Simple Box franchise is the flexibility it offers. While some storage concepts rely solely on fixed self-storage buildings or on a moving service, with Get Simple Box, we help you build a business that offers a diversified mix of shipping containers for sale, storage container rental, moving containers or even container modifications. You can tailor your business plan and the products you sell and the services you offer to meet the demands of your local market.

Marketing and Branding

We know how important visibility is for a new business. That’s why we offer robust marketing support to help you establish your brand locally. Although specific needs may vary depending on target audience and local market conditions, Get Simple Box provides marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and business cards that align with the brand’s overall marketing strategy. Digital marketing tools such as website hosting and management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management and content creation, email marketing campaigns and online advertising support (e.g., Google Ads, Facebook Ads) are provided for each location. 

We also offer local marketing support such as local SEO optimization, direct mail campaigns, community events and sponsorships and public relations and media outreach. We also know that performance tracking and analytics provides insight into monitoring the effectiveness of marketing efforts in order to make data-driven decisions and these insights are delivered routinely.

Franchise Opportunities

We’re excited about this unique franchise opportunity in the portable storage industry, offering entrepreneurs the chance to capitalize on a booming market with tremendous growth potential. With territories available now in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Texas, and Florida, we’re poised for consistent expansion.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first steps in starting your Get Simple Box franchise is choosing the right location. We assist with market research to identify areas with high demand for portable storage and shipping containers for sale. We require the following minimum site requirements: 
  • Minimum population of 200,000 within a specified radius
  • Minimum of 1 acre with proper zoning
  • A strong business plan with the opportunity to be either the first, the best, the biggest, or the only portable storage provider in the area

Initial Investment and Return

Starting a franchise requires an initial investment. Investing in a franchise is a high-risk, high-reward venture, balancing potential for growth and returns with hard work knowing success isn’t guaranteed. Our scalable and diversified business model means you can start small and grow at a reasonable pace. Plus, our established brand and industry expertise help you hit the ground running.

Training and Ongoing Support

We believe in setting our franchisees up for success from day one. That is why we maintain the CORE 4 SUPPORT IDEA which offers:
  • Support for Building a Local Network
  • Support for Operations and Training your Team
  • Support for Knowing your Numbers, Purchasing Advantages, and making wise decisions
  • Support for Marketing and expanding your Network
That way you can launch, grow, scale and thrive.

Ready to Join the Get Simple Box Family?

Get Simple Box offers one of the best self storage franchise opportunities available. With our support, you can build a thriving business that meets the growing demand for storage and shipping solutions.

Take the First Step

Are you ready to experience the simple difference? Contact us today to learn more about our available locations and growth opportunities. Get Simple Box has the experience and support to help you succeed. Join us and start your journey to owning a business that’s as solid as the containers we provide.


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