Get Simple Box Celebrates: The Eshuis Family​

Salem, Oregon Franchise Story

Meet Trevor and Brittney

One of the greatest things about Get Simple Box is the opportunities it has provided it’s employees, franchise owners and the families of these people. Today, we take a closer look at one of those families in Salem, Oregon.

Brittany and Trevor Eshuis’s story starts in Montana where they met several years ago. It wasn’t long after they started their family, raising three daughters. Trevor was a youth pastor in Montana and was in ministry for 15 years and towards the end of this career, he and family knew it was time to do something different.

Trevor Eshuis grew up in Washington State and one of his childhood best friends was Ross Black, Founder & CEO of Get Simple Box. Both Ross and Trevor maintained this relationship over the course of their adult lives. Throughout Trevor’s career in ministry, Ross would encourage Trevor to consider getting involved in the Get Simple Box business with his own franchise. What was an ongoing joke at the time turned into a lucrative career change for the Eshuis family.

Moving to Salem

In February of 2017, Trevor and Brittany Eshuis met with Ross to discuss this opportunity in a more serious manner and within 5 months, they moved their family to Salem, Oregon where they would begin their Get Simple Box journey, where they would have their own franchise location.

Salem is a medium sized city in Oregon and is the second largest in the state (behind Portland). Natives there say “Salem is Mopo” which means ‘the most Oregon place in Oregon’. This area has a lot to offer, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. You are surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and you are an hour away from the Oregon coast. The people are friendly, down to earth and they love their craft beer and wine.

While making a move to such a beautiful place would be attractive to many, the Eshuis family had a significant initial challenge; they didn’t know a single soul and would be starting this business from scratch.

Blue Truck with gray shipping container in front of the ocean

“We look forward to growing and expanding our current business and aim to open a second location in the next five years.”

Salem Simple Box owners with their family

Trevor Eshuis


Start Small and Grow Fast

They started with two containers in the yard and have since scaled to 300 plus rentals, while adding two additional full time employees. They celebrated their 5 year anniversary on Sunday, July 17th.

In the initial stages of the business, Trevor was primarily responsible for deliveries and Britney was handling all the marketing, admin and operations functions within the business. Since hiring their new employees, Jay and Nadia, their roles have changed. Jay has taken over responsibilities for the 40 foot container deliveries and Nadia has taken over responsibilities for service, including taking care of customers, answering the phone and sending out quotes. This has given Brittney and Trevor the ability to focus more on growing this thriving business.

Making a Difference in Salem

Over the course of the five years in Salem, The Eshuis family has played an integral role in the community and have even stepped up during some difficult times. Two summers ago, there was a horrible wildfire in Oregon and 10% of the state was evacuated. Entire towns were wiped out by fires and they saw an opportunity for Get Simple Box to make a difference, providing containers to those who lost their homes and needed a space to secure items they were able to salvage.

Additionally, they have partnered with the Salem Leadership Foundation, which does a lot of work with the local homeless population. The Get Simple Box Salem location now donates five boxes per month (free of charge) that are used for homeless shelters to store donations and supplies.

From not knowing a single soul in Salem, Oregon to becoming an integral part of the community, the Eshuis family has certainly built something special.

People over Profits

We had an opportunity to interview Brittney Eshuis and get her thoughts on her experience thus far and where she sees the business going in the future. Here is what she had to say:

“We feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the Get Simple Box team. Ross is an amazing businessman, person and friend and we’re grateful to be in business with him. The investment is in people and not just making a profit.”

Grateful. Thankful. Hopeful.

We are thankful to have the Eshuis family as part of our own family here at Get Simple Box, and we are grateful for the way they always put customers and family first. We wish them many more years of success and we are excited to help them grow as Franchisees! To learn more about the Salem, Oregon location, visit