Did Get Simple Box Save the Day?

As a company, Get Simple Box values the connections made within their local communities. Each Get Simple Box location has specific partnerships with local organizations and churches as a means to help the community thrive and grow to its greatest potential. However, this past year, an unexpected connection was made between Get Simple Box of Lynden, Washington and the town of Sumas, Washington during a devastating natural disaster. After speaking with Celeste LaFreniere, regional manager of Get Simple Box of Lynden, we were able to gain some insight as to how Get Simple Box stepped in to assist the people of Sumas during such a devastating

Many ask if Get Simple Box Saved the day, but we did what any company would do in our situation. The real heroes are the citizens of Whatcom County. We are grateful we could help them with their needs and are always here when they need us!

Ross Black

Founder & CEO, Get Simple Box

Nearly one year ago, Whatcom County in 

Washington state experienced an unexpected atmospheric river that brought sudden rain and flash flooding to the area causing the Nooksack River to overflow into the surrounding areas. 

Quickly, the city began to fall prey to horrific flooding. Cars were picked up and carried away by rushing water, train tracks were ripped from the ground, and RV’s were being swept away with people still living inside of them. As the waters rose, residents became trapped in their homes with no access to resources or necessities. Soon, tractors and boats were driven into the floods to rescue the individuals trapped in their homes.

As the Get Simple Box of Lynden yard is only ten miles from the flooded city of Sumas, it was devastating to hear of the suffering that was being experienced in their own neighborhood. Many residents of Sumas were also loyal Simple Box customers and, unfortunately, their shipping containers were being swept up in the floods as well. One box was swept three blocks down the road, while others were picked up in waters so high that one customer found that his Simple Box now sat on top of his shed.

This devastation pulled at the heartstrings of the Get Simple Box team, and soon an action plan was formed to help the struggling residents of Sumas. Get Simple Box CEO, Ross Black and Lynden manager, Celeste LaFreniere, worked together and determined that the only option was to step in and provide whatever support and care they could for their customers.

The Get Simple Box team got to work and quickly ordered and donated 4 40ft shipping containers to local churches near Sumas and the city of Efferson so that they could quickly store any valuable items and provide shelter for the belongings of the Sumas residents. Additionally, Lee Garofalo, one of the Get Simple box delivery drivers, traveled all the way to Sumas and worked through the night helping bring boxes to customers who had found themselves needing storage during this unprecedented time. The Get Simple Box team also gave free delivery to any customer needing a box delivered to the affected area. Because there were so many people in need of containers, Celeste shared that the Lynden yard began taking boxes from the Burlington yard, which is about 45 miles away. Teamwork truly was the key phrase during this great time of struggle.

Though it has taken much time and effort, some normalcy is returning to the area. However, there is a strong likelihood that a flood of this magnitude could happen again and this has prompted the city of Sumas to begin taking preparative measures as flood season approaches. After seeing how the Get Simple Box team stepped in to assist during this disaster, the Mayor of Sumas, who also happens to be a local shipping container broker, reached out with an important request. He asked that Get Simple Box be added to their disaster preparedness list as an emergency first responder. Celeste shares that they were thankful to be asked by the mayor, and readily agreed to the responsibility.

As flood season approaches, more people have begun storing their valuables in safe locations, such as Simple Boxes, and disaster preparedness has become one of the highest priorities. Simple Boxes have already been placed on higher ground to provide the utmost protection.

Celeste shared that Get Simple Box was honored to help the community and that they would do it again in a heartbeat. When disaster strikes, it is beautiful to see a community rally together to support one another and work their hardest to meet each other’s needs through selfless service.

If you find yourself wondering if it is time to consider safely storing your belongings, we are here to help! Please visit our website https://getsimplebox.com/ and we will get this process started for you.