Asked & Answered: How to Deliver to the San Juan Islands

If you weren’t already familiar, the San Juan Islands are an archipelago in Washington State
(USA) known for gorgeous landscapes and incredible wildlife, including orca whales. If you find
yourself lucky enough to be moving to this beautiful place, there are some things you should
know about delivering a container to this area. Here are some asked and answered questions to
help you navigate delivery

How do containers get delivered to the islands?

This was probably one of the first questions that came to mind. On the mainland, all of our Get
Simple Box containers are delivered via truck. Unfortunately, there are no roads or bridges that
connect the islands to mainland Washington, therefore all large deliveries are fulfilled with the
help of a ferry, and in some cases, a barge. You can find the ferry schedule here:

How soon should I make a reservation?

The short answer to this question is as soon as possible. Reservations for the ferry fill up quickly
and there are limited spots available, especially during the spring and summer months when
people are most likely to move. These reservations can be arranged as early as two months in
advance (from sailing) so if you know that you are going to be making a move around that time,
it may be a good idea to secure your spot.

How much does this cost?

When you work with Get Simple Box to help with your move, you will only be responsible for
delivery, pick up, first month’s rent, and driver stand-by fees. It is worth noting that a couple of
these fees may vary, as ferry fees depend on size of the truck and stand-by fees will depend on
which island you are moving the container to.

How do I get this set-up?

The good news is – at Get Simple Box, we will handle a lot of the setup for you. This includes
reservations for delivery, transportation and ferry related arrangements. You will simply select
the size of the container you need and we will take it from there!

Simply give us a call at 1-855-855-4269 and we’ll be happy to get the process going for you!