We bring the containers right where you need them. Our Burlington Wa storage and Skagit storage service area includes the following cities:

  • Mt. Vernon, WA

  • Anacortes, WA

  • Oak Harbor

  • Whidbey Naval Air Station

  • Coupeville, WA

  • Greenbank, WA

  • Langley, WA

  • Concrete, WA

  • Rockport, WA

  • Sedro Woolley, WA

  • Conway, WA

  • Laconner, WA

  • Guemes Island, WA

  • Orcas Island, WA

  • Friday Harbor, WA

  • Lopez Island, WA

  • San Juan Island

  • Whidbey Island

  • Skagit County

  • San Juan County

  • Island County

  • We also help people move by delivering containers in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Idaho.


The biggest component that determines the cost to move with Get Simple Box Burlington Wa is the actual distance traveled from our location. Moves are broken down into 3 Parts:

  • Local Delivery: delivery of your 20 foot moving container to your first place. 
  • Loaded Move: to Region Moves: driving to your first place to pick up your moving container and transporting it to your new place. 
  • Empty Pickup: returning to your new place to pick up the empty container after you have unloaded your contents. 

We help people move between Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona.

Plan to move 20ft container in 3 simple steps:

  • Schedule Your Delivery. We deliver a Moving Container, fitted with a built-in lockbox for added security.

  • Pack at Your Own Pace.Take your time packing and loading - no need to cram it all into one hectic day! 

  • Enjoy A Simple Move. Our expert drivers pick up your Simple Box and gently deliver it to your new location
  • Security. A container can be locked up and completely sealed.
  • Steel Storage Container Size. At 1,280 cubic feet, these containers are about 30% larger than most P.O.D.S.™, PackRat™, or UHAUL™ alternatives and can usually fit the contents of most 2-3 bedroom homes while still fitting in a single parking space!
  • Easy to Use. Since our Moving Storage Containers sit at ground level, you can walk your heavy boxes and belongings right in and out of the unit.
  • Convenience.  No truck rental and return here. We deliver the Simple Box moving container for you and pick it up at your request to move to your new home.

Compare moving with shipping container vs moving truck here.


Yes. Get Simple Box offers 3 options of storage in Burlington, Wa.

with the customer in mind. We have a 10ft container rental, 20 ft storage container rental and a 40ft storage container rental. A 20 foot Container rental is the most common size to rent and often saves money over typical mini-storage. View the complete list of container rental options here.

When looking for moving and storage solutions in Burlington, Wa, the following are a few important things to consider:

    • Door seals - check that the thick rubber door gasket seals up all the way around the door. 
    • Security - A steel Lockbox covers your padlock to keep it out of the elements and protects against vandalism. 
    • Location - Get Simple Box delivery trucks will set your storage container at ground level, right where it is most convenient for you.


At our Get Simple Box Burlington location, we have three Conex options available: 20 foot Conex Rental, 20' Job Box Container Rental, and 40' Construction Container Rentals. Give us a call today at 360-200-6609 to get started.


Sea containers are a cost effective, long lasting, safe and secure storage solution. We offer 3 sea container sizes for sale: 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. The 20’ shipping container is our most common container.

  • They’re secure. A container can be locked up and completely sealed - keeping the contents inside dry and protected from rodents.
  • They’re convenient. Shipping containers provide easy to access storage right where you need it.
  • They’re cost effective. Portable Storage and Conex are a cost-effective solution and often increase in value over the years, making them a long-term investment that solves a short-term challenge.


The cost to buy a container depends on 3 factors:

  • LOCATION. Transportation cost is the main factor that affects the price difference from one region to the next. Expect the cost to Rent or Buy a container to be 10-20% lower the nearer you are to a major port city such as Seattle or Tacoma. Final delivery costs vary from city to city, but typically range from $2-4* per mile.
  • SIZE & TYPE. The more common and available the container size/type, the lower the price will be. Standard height containers in the dimensions of 20-foot and 40-foot long are the most common sizes. 
  • CONDITION & AGE. Most new containers have only made one trip across the ocean. As such, they are generally in much better cosmetic condition and more valuable. Most used containers are 12 or more years old (sometimes 30 or more years old) and have made many voyages across the ocean and on trucks and trains. As such, they are generally less expensive (often 20-40% less than a brand new container).

* Note: Because shipping containers are heavily influenced by the price of steel, wood, fuel, and labor, all prices, including delivery rates, are subject to change without notice. Any Price ranges or Service areas are reflective of September 2021 and will vary depending on location and availability.