20 foot Used Shipping Container for Sale​

A used 8×20′ container provides good wind and watertight storage for a lower price than a new container. 



used 20 foot container features 160 square feet of storage space, with 4 vents for air flow and we can even throw on a lockbox for extra security.


  • Ugly Orange in Color (some may call it Pumpkin Spice)
  • Standard Cargo Doors on one end
  • Cargo doors open and close fairly easily
  • Wood floors are in okay condition – some scrapes and scratches
  • No big dings or dents – just general wear

What to look for in a Used 20 ft Shipping Container


When buying a Used 20 Ft Container, it is so important to be able to choose and inspect your own Box, rather than being forced to take the next available Container.

Expert Delivery

Choose a company that can deliver your Container right when and where you need it. Many Container Companies contract out their delivery to a third-party. At Get Simple Box, we do all of our own Container Deliveries.

Local Customer Service

Since we’re local, we can usually deliver a Container anywhere in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington within days. Since we focus on service, we'll give you options and treat you with kindness.

Typical Used 20 Foot Shipping Container Prices

Use this as a Guide to give you “ballpark pricing” estimate. Please contact us for specific Container Pricing & Availability. We highly recommend visiting your local Container Company to perform your own inspection prior to purchasing. You may also have your local Container Company send detailed photos or video of the Container you are considering purchasing. 


Wind and Watertight: Lowest-Grade Condition​
$ 2850-3350 plus delivery
  • Exterior Height: 8'-6"​
  • Exterior Width: 8'-0"​
  • Exterior Length: 20'-0"​
  • Empty Weight: 4,800 lbs.​


Cargo-Worthy: Mid-Grade Condition
$ 2950-3450 plus delivery
  • Exterior Height: 8'-6"​
  • Exterior Width: 8'-0"​
  • Exterior Length: 20'-0"​
  • Empty Weight: 4,800 lbs.​


IICL: Highest-Grade Condition​
$ 3250-3750 plus delivery
  • Exterior Height: 8'-6"​
  • Exterior Width: 8'-0"​
  • Exterior Length: 20'-0"​
  • Empty Weight: 4,800 lbs.​

*Price does not include tax and delivery fees, if applicable. Prices may vary based on container condition, availability, and location. All prices subject to change **Exterior Dimensions. Length and weight may vary depending on several factors such as age, manufacturer, and components used.

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Find a Used 20 Foot Shipping Container Near You

If you search for a Container on Craigslist or Marketplace, you have likely noticed a lot of generic container images, with vague prices, posted by people from out of state. At Get Simple Box, we take pride in being Local, Transparent, and Kind. We invite you to visit one of our local container yards to choose your own container.

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