The Right Ventilation Impacts Air Quality

From the project manager office space to the ultimate customized container, each individual uses their box to meet specific needs. One way to ensure that your box is optimized is through proper shipping container ventilation.

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Is your container working for you?

Having the right vents will improve the air flow by reducing condensation and reducing heat from building up. They also allow for heat, fumes, and moisture to escape. Think of it as the ultimate preservation of your space.

Is adding vents the right modification for you?

When determining if adding vents is the right shipping container modification for you, a few things to consider are daily box usage and climate. 

  • How often are you in your box? 
  • What is the primary use of the box? 


If you use your box as a work space, good ventilation is an appropriate consideration. 

  • Also, what is the climate where your box is located? 
  • Is your box older?


The dryer the climate, the less you need air flow (but the more you need heat to escape). We also recommend adding vents to older or used containers.

shipping container ventilation

How do you get the Right Vents?

Installing vents is a simple adjustment done by our mod team. These are generally quick to install and low cost but with a big impact. The cost is $150 per vent or $65 without the installation.

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