7 Best Reasons to Rent a Shipping Container

If you didn’t know already, shipping containers are highly viable storage solutions that can be
utilized in numerous situations. Whether you’re working on a one time project, making a move
or need a little extra storage for the time being, shipping containers are excellent alternatives to
other storage solutions available.

In this article, we’ve highlighted seven of the best reasons to rent a shipping container.

#1: Convenience

Renting a shipping container for storage is easy to move, they require no additional work and
arrive when you need them and where you need them. You can rent and use as your needs
change and when you’re done, it will be picked up and taken away for you.

#2: Cost Effective

If you are unfamiliar with renting a shipping container for storage or haven’t done it before, one
of the first questions that may come to mind pertains to cost. Most people are surprised to find
out that it is surprisingly cost effective. While it is difficult to compare prices of traditional storage
methods, (such as storage units) due to size differences, you will often get more value out of the
shipping container, especially when considering convenience.

#3: Low Maintenance

Renting a shipping container for storage purposes requires little to no setup or maintenance
over time. If there is a problem with the container for some reason, the company you rent from
will handle things. If you rent a container from a great company like GetSimpleBox, your
container will arrive in good shape or we’ll take care of it for you!

#4: Durable

Depending on where you live, inclement weather may be a problem, especially depending on
the time of year. In order to protect the items you wish to store, it is best to think about a durable
solution. The great news with shipping containers is they were built for inclement weather.
They’re designed to protect goods in rough seas and extreme wind and rain, so they should do
a good job of protecting your belongings at your house or property.

#5: Mobility

One of the biggest benefits to renting a shipping container for storage is how flexible they are. If
you are moving or need goods moved from one place to another, they can be picked up at your
location with everything inside. No reloading or hassle involved.

#6: Save Space

Another great benefit to utilizing a shipping container for storage is how much space they can
save. For example, a 20 foot standard shipping container gives you 160 square feet of storage
space, while a 40 foot container will provide you with 320 square feet of space to work with. For
people worried about having to add onto an existing building or structure, this may be the best

#7: Security

Have you ever tried cutting through corrugated steel and a chain lock to get to something? We
didn’t think so. One of the best benefits of shipping containers is the security they provide. Your
items will be kept out of view and a lock will be provided by the company you rent the shipping
container from.

Have questions about renting a shipping container to suit your storage needs? We can help!
Visit https://getsimplebox.com/rent-container/ or give us a call at 1-855-855-4269.

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