5 Seasonal Items Businesses Store

Does your Office or Shop have a Christmas Tree? Where do you keep it for the other 11 months of the year? What about Landscaping materials (rakes, potting soil, etc.)? Many small businesses and offices choose to rent Portable Storage Containers for their seasonal items so that they aren’t in the way when they aren’t being used. When it comes to storing your company’s tools or equipment, having secure storage is important for any business when it comes to storing their equipment. Here is different things businesses store that may be taking up precious storage space in your Office or Small Business storage area:

#1: Christmas Decorations

Having holiday decorations in your business is a great way to welcome new customers into your shops or restaurants. Whether it’s the Christmas season or the 4th of July weekend, having these decorations creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your customers. While having items is important to your business, storage for these things can be challenging and take up a lot of space. Furthermore, it would not be economical to sell your decorations after using them and repurchasing, as that would be a nightmare to manage and would cost a lot more than storing those items. Businesses need a simple and cost effective storage solution to ensure these items are secure for use every year. 

#2: Outside Patio and Chairs

During the spring and summertime, you find a lot of Coffee Shops and Restaurants will take advantage of the nicer weather. Most people look forward to going to their favorite areas to grab an iced beverage or a meal during the warmer and sunnier seasons. However, In the winter you will find more and more coffee shops and restaurants storing their patio furniture and seating area for the warmer season. This kind of storage needs to be secure, as high-quality patio furniture costs a lot of money. Having storage that is easy to access and secure is very important for restaurants and coffee shops.

#3: Seasonal Equipment

Whether you own an HVAC company or a landscaping company, these services are needed in specific seasons. You may own a business like plumbing, but offer HVAC as a service. During the colder months, you may need temporary storage as you slow down or altogether pause these seasonal services and focus on your year-round services to increase your revenue. Taking that equipment out of the trucks or out of normal operating areas is a great way to increase your space for your current services. Furthermore, it allows you to maximize the services you currently offer and arrange your trucks or locations to be more efficient through equipment placement. It is important that where you store these items they are secure and safe. Equipment like this can cost thousands of dollars and can take up a lot of space.

#4: Summer Camp Equipment

Summer Camps are one of the most profitable and fun businesses to run! Having the flexibility of running a seasonal business is unmatched in the market. The one thing a seasonal business, like a summer camp, needs are secure, reliable, and portable storage for its equipment. Things that need to be stored are slip-in-slides, 5-gallon buckets, beach balls and much more! Having a secure way to temporarily store these items is key to ensuring the lifespan of this equipment. Also, the more cost-effective and portable the storage is, the more profitable your summer camp is. 

#5: Seasonal Products

When it comes to running a business, seasonal products are a great way to maximize your earnings during seasons. One item that is popular in this space is winter-grade tires, which are sold in the colder months of the year. However, these products are very hard to store during the off-season, as they are heavy and take up a lot of space. Putting them in your place of business can slow your team members down by having to maneuver around them. You could take them to a storage unit, but those can be very expensive and you still need to transport those items to the unit. Having a portable storage solution is the most ideal solution in this case, and can ensure you maximize the space you have and focus on your customer’s satisfaction.