What is a Conex Box?

A Conex or Conex Box is just another term for an ISO Intermodal Container that is often used for shipping and storage. Shipping Containers are often the toughest, simplest, and most cost-effective storage solution. One of the first things Project Managers often need to arrange is for a Conex to keep equipment secure and the job site organized. 

What are Conex Boxes made of?

ISO Containers (often called Conex Boxes in Industrial or Military settings) are made of thick Corten steel, with wood floor and heavy rubber door gaskets. They are built for storage, built to be moved, and built to last.

How much do Conex Boxes cost?

Pricing to Rent a Conex depends on a few variables:

  • Where are you located?
    The great thing about a Container is that they can be delivered practically anywhere. We deliver to Businesses and Job sites in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Because transportation cost is the main factor that affects the price difference from one region to the next, you can expect the cost to Rent or Buy to be 10-20% lower the nearer you are to a major port city. Final delivery costs vary from city to city, but usually end up being $2-3 per mile.
  • What size do you need?
    Conex come in standard dimensions that are 8 feet wide and either 10′, 20′, or 40′ long. See our Container Dimensions chart below for reference.
  • Are you looking to rent or buy?
    Most Conex end up being rented rather than purchased so that the cost of the Box can be directly billed to the customer or job.Many other companies charge “funny fees” such as fuel surcharges and bill on 4-week cycles (so it costs you about 18% more than you would think). At Simple Box, even your billing is simple. Rent is just month to month and you pay for all trucking up front. Based on these factors in the Seattle area, you will find that most Conex Rentals range from $100-200/month and the cost to buy a standard Conex ranges from $2400-5000.

Contact one of our local storage yards for a no-hassle quote:  

Why get a Conex?

  • Equipment Storage
    Keep construction site storage safe and simple – a Conex Rental provides instant secure space to keep your tools and equipment.
  • Inventory Storage
    Don’t leave valuable product outside on pallets. Get it safe and secure inside a Conex. Using containers for inventory is easy and cost effective.
  • Crew Usage
    Waiting for a storm to pass or just need a place for your crew to take a break? Use a Conex to get out of the elements or have a safety meeting before getting back to work.
  • Portable Office
    Want to maintain a basic office on the job site? Request a Simple Box office or Job Box with shelving, overhead lights, and tool storage area to keep your job running as efficient as possible.
  • Custom Conex Modification
    We can help solve other storage problems by customizing your Conex with roll-up doors, windows, insulation, and more. We can also help you display your brand in a big way with your own custom logo or site information on the side of the Box.


Conex Dimensions and Sizes

The following diagram shows the standard container dimensions and sizes:

Dimensions Width Height Length Weight (lbs)
6’ Standard 6’ 6” 6’ 3” 6’ 1450
8’ Standard 7’2” 7’ 2” 8′ 2100
10’ Standard 8′ 8′ 6″ 10′ 2900
20’ Standard 8′ 8′ 6″ 20′ 4800
20’ High Cube OR Double Door 8′ 8′ 6″ – 9′ 6″ 20′ 4800
40’ Standard 8′ 8′ 6″ 40′ 9000
40’ High Cube OR Double Door 8′ 8′ 6″- 9′ 6″ 40′ 9000

20 Foot Conex

40 Foot Conex

Modified Conex Job Box