What to Expect if You Use a Crane for Delivery?

Moving your shipping container with a crane may be a good option for you if your delivery requires a bit more flexibility or there isn’t quite enough room for our regular delivery truck. For example, you may choose to have your container placed on a hill or uneven terrain (assuming that a level foundation can be achieved) – a crane is a good option here. Or you may need to stack multiple shipping containers on top of one another with precision – a crane is a good option for that as well.

We’re often asked how a crane delivery works

At Get Simple Box, we work really closely with local crane companies in each of our locations. If you determine that a crane is needed for your delivery, we can arrange all the details for you.  Crane service typically costs the standard delivery rates plus $250/hour for the time the crane is on-site, with a 1-hour minimum. We request 3 days notice to arrange the crane service.

The Following Are 3 Main Things To Consider When Preparing For Your Delivery by Crane

  1. Overhead clearance

As you prepare for your container delivery with the crane, ensure that the area in which the container will be delivered is free from overhead obstructions and tree cover.

  1. Ground Surface

We use a truck mounted crane which means that the area that the truck will need to park in should be flat and provide enough room for it to lay its outriggers.

  1. Additional Personnel

The nature of the crane delivery is a little different and requires a tad more expertise. Additional personnel are needed to help guide the container and direct it into its final landing spot. We work directly with the crane company to ensure there is sufficient personnel to successfully place the container in its final position.

We’ve done hundreds of crane deliveries and we are the leaders in our area in doing them. We handle all the billing and direct the crane. In addition, we always do a site check prior to a crane delivery. If you decide a crane is needed for your delivery, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (855) 855-4269 or contact us here.


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