The Franchise Hot Seat TV Show

As a big fan of “Shark Tank” and “The Profit,” I was so excited when I heard that Get Simple Box had been invited to film a reality TV show called “Franchise Hot Seat.” Filming took place in West Palm Beach, Florida and our episode premiered last week.

Each episode focuses on one particular emerging franchise business. Get Simple Box was invited to the studio to film alongside three other amazing business owners from Kidokinetics, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, and Richard’s Painting.

To say it was hot would be an understatement! The studio was hot, the lights beaming down on us felt hot, and the intensity of the questions from the panel of the Dream Team was definitely significant.

The “Dream Team” panel of experts included Ray Titus, Founder & CEO of United Franchise Group; Patrick McGee of MPK Equity Partners; John Clancy, a multi-brand franchisee with Planet Fitness and others; and Wendy Dunn, Franchisee of Budget Blinds.

Although the expert questions were direct and challenging, they were also so gracious in sharing valuable advice and letting us rephrase things if they didn’t come out exactly as intended at first.  

Aside from the business aspects, three things that I really wanted to focus on were:

  1. Being a better Communicator (don’t ramble all over the place… start and finish strong)
  2. Having a Clear Direction (sharing clear talking points about a compelling vision)
  3. Confident Camera Presence (enthusiasm and poise)
  4. Let our heart for Customer Service and making a difference show in everything we do.

Overall, I believe that we were able to achieve the goal of presenting our Franchise opportunity in a compelling way. The feedback from the Dream Team as well as from Dr. John Hayes was so in tune with our current issues. This experience served to increase my courage as CEO, to really get off the fence and make some solid decisions in areas where I have been hesitating.

Key takeaways from this episode for me were:

  • There is a direct relationship between the areas of the business we feel most confident in and the areas we spend our marketing dollars. The marketing budget says a LOT about the direction of the company.
  • We need to keep on simplifying. Be willing to say no to good things in order to pursue the best things. 
  • Don’t lose sight of what sets our brand apart from the competition. We can do a better job of highlighting what sets us apart as a company rather than how we are similar.  
  • We have a good concept and a good plan. We need to have the courage to stay the course in spite of the inevitable ups and downs of business and the economy.

We invite you to watch the full Episode here

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What’s next for Get Simple Box? We are excited about the connections made via the Franchise Hot Seat, we’ll continue to serve on the board of the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University. 

As a storage franchise, we anticipate adding 2 or more Franchise locations to our brand in the coming season. Our vision is to have a Get Simple Box location in each state.

Thank you Dr. Hayes and the Franchise Hot Seat for such an amazing opportunity!


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