One Box Can Make a Difference: Simple Box Gives Back to Kidstown International

At Get Simple Box, one of our core values is to give back – not just in voice but with action. To us that means using our resources to support those in our community and beyond by not only financially supporting them but also amplifying the voice of their mission. One non-profit organization that we have supported through the years is KidsTown International.

Kidstown International is a not for profit organization based out of Bellingham, Washington. Kidstown’s mission is simple – to love and equip every child to have an impact in our world. They care for orphaned and neglected children by supporting children’s homes that improve the quality of life and educational opportunities in a Christ-centered environment, giving them hope for the future.They do this by:

  1. Taking them in. See children in need of help and hope and work to bring them into a place of love and wholeness.
  2. Giving them a home. A home that provides a safe and caring environment can change a child’s life
  3. Giving them hope. Help them transform their pain by restoring their value and purpose.

At Get Simple Box, we firmly believe that children are the future. It is our hope and passion that each child will see their purpose and walk out in their gifts. It is an honor to come alongside Kidstown International and help support them as they help take care of our children today for a better future for them tomorrow.

At Get Simple Box team, we sponsor 1 child for every member on our team. As a sponsor, the donations provide for the basic needs of each sponsored child and other children at the orphanage. As of September 2021, Simple Box continues to sponsor many children and hope to keep adding to that number!


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