Shipping Container vs. Moving Truck. What is the Better Option for Your Move?

It’s time to prepare for your upcoming move! You likely are finding yourself looking at the best options to transport your belongings. To simplify the decision making process for you, we have compiled a list of items to consider when comparing a shipping container to a moving truck:

  • The cost to move from one location to the next.
  • The capacity of your transportation.
  • The time allowed for your usage.
  • The security of the transportation method you use.
  • Functionality of your transportation method.
  • Ease of use.

Shipping Containers

  • SHIPPING CONTAINER SECURITY. Do you need complete security? A container can easily be locked up and completely sealed, making it safe from potentially theft. The secure seal of a shipping container also protects from natural elements, such as rain and snow, as well as keeps rodents or insects out.
  • SHIPPING CONTAINER SIZE. At Get Simple Box, our available moving containers are 20ft long. At 160 square feet, these containers can fit the contents of most 2-3 bedroom homes and fit in a single parking space! The size of these containers insures that all your belongings will be protected and accounted for, while also not taking up excess space outside your home.
  • DRIVER. No truck rental and return here needed here! Our highly qualified delivery drivers transport the Simple Box moving container for you and pick it up at your request to move to your new home.
  • EASE OF USE. Since our Moving Storage Containers sit at ground level, you can walk your heavy boxes and belongings right in and out of the unit, without trying to balance on a steep ramp several feet in the air.
  • TIME TO PACK. Need more time to pack? Since our moving containers can stay at your current location as long as you need it, you save the time and frustration of multiple trips to a storage unit or to your new home.
  • RATES. All rates are based on actual distance traveled from our location. Our rates include the first month’s rent of the 20ft container which allows you to pack at your own pace without worrying about taking an extra day.

Moving Truck 

  • SECURITY. Trucks can be made secure by locking the doors and using a padlock.
  • MOVING TRUCK SIZES. The cost of the moving truck is not only dependent upon miles moved but also the size of truck you select.
  • DRIVER. You will be the driver which means you will not only be liable for any damages but there is added pressure on your shoulders to get to and from your final destination on time. If you have not driven a large truck before, it is important to learn basic hauling tips and skills to ensure a safe journey for all involved.
  • EASE OF USE. Since trucks sit high up on their wheels, you will need a ramp to pack your things into the cargo bay. Walking up and down the ramp to pack boxes can feel draining after a long day of packing and you must be aware of potentially slips and injuries that could occur when climbing into your truck.
  • SCHEDULE. You don’t have to wait on someone to deliver when you are ready to get started. If you want to drive to your new location at a more last-minute time, you have the freedom to do so.
  • TIME TO PACK.  When renting a moving truck, you are able to rent the truck for as long or as short as you want. Just keep in mind that unexpected delays and surprises will add more days to the rental than you originally planned for, thus adding to the final cost.
  • MOVING TRUCK COST. All rates are based on the number of days used and the miles traveled. This means that you will want to pack and unpack as quickly as possible for a more cost-effective move.


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