Tips for Choosing the Right Shipping Container Size for Your Needs

Are you planning to ship or store your belongings and not sure which shipping container size to choose? Choosing the right size of shipping container is important to ensure that your items fit properly, are secure and protected during transportation, and that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right shipping container size for your needs:

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Evaluate the amount and type of items you need to ship or store

Before you choose a shipping container, you need to assess the amount and type of items that you need to transport or store. If you have only a few small items, then a 10-foot container will be perfect for you. However, if you have a larger number of items or bigger furniture, you may need to choose a bigger size for your container rental. When moving, a 20-foot container is usually best for a 2-3 Bedroom home.

Determine the distance and duration of your transportation

The distance and duration of your transportation will also influence the size of the shipping container you need. If you are shipping items locally or within a short distance, a smaller container may be more suitable. However, if you are shipping items long distance or storing them for a longer period of time, you may want to consider a larger container size to ensure your belongings are secure and protected.

Consider the container’s weight capacity

Another important factor to consider when choosing a shipping container size is weight capacity. Each container size has a maximum weight capacity, and it’s important to choose a container that can accommodate the weight of your items. Overloading a container can damage your items or even lead to safety concerns during transportation.

Think about the cost

The cost of a shipping container will depend on its size, type, and condition. A larger container, like a 20 foot shipping container will hold twice as much as a 10-foot shipping container, but usually costs about the same as a smaller container. Expect a 40 foot shipping container more than a 20-foot container, so you need to think about your budget and what you can afford. However, keep in mind that choosing a smaller container just to save money may end up costing you more in the long run if you need to rent an additional container or if your items get damaged during transportation.

Choosing the right shipping containers is crucial for a successful and stress-free move or storage. If you’re still unsure about which container size to choose, get professional advice. At Get Simple Box, we have experienced staff who can help you assess your needs and recommend the right container size for you. If you are in need of a shipping container rental, contact us today and we will help you select the perfect container to fit your needs and budget!


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