Modified Containers for Construction Site

If you’re in the construction businesses in the Pacific Northwest, you understand how frustrating our winters can be. The constant rain leads to mud and muck on the construction site while the wet air seems to seep into your bones. If it snows, the damp slush only increases your weather woes.

While we can’t change the weather, our modified shipping containers at Simple Box can make your life a little easier.

Modified shipping containers help you stick to your budget 

Mobile workspaces offer a flexible solution to your office needs, which is perfect for construction sites that only require office space for the duration of the build. When you only need an office for a few months, there’s no need to set up a semi-permanent space to work.

While some construction companies prefer to use RVs or rent mobile office trailers for their sites, these options lack the ability to customize, and add-ons can quickly put a ding in your budget.

With modified shipping containers, you can choose anything from a standard 20-foot container with simple modifications to a multi-room office complete with a breakroom, restrooms, and more.

Simple Box also offers modified shipping containers as rentals, so if you’re looking for a solution for a temporary construction project, we have you covered.

Upfront costs may be higher, but in the end, you’re left with an office space that fits your specific needs that can be transported to your construction sites for years to come.

Shipping containers are insanely weatherproof

In the wet winters of the Pacific Northwest, even the sturdiest buildings become susceptible to leaks and mold. Mobile building options experience even more weather-related issues.

Shipping containers are built for durability in even the most intense storms at sea. Winters in the Pacific Northwest have no chance of competing with the ocean swells that shipping containers are designed to withstand. This makes them the perfect candidate from which to create a portable office.

Additionally, if you opt for the standard 20-foot modified shipping container, there are no seams like you see in modular portable offices, which means no leaks!

You can use modified shipping containers for a plethora of building options

When you think of a shipping container, what most likely comes to mind is the standard 20-foot steel box. It’s true that this is our most popular mobile office option, but shipping containers can be turned into so much more.

We’ve created hunting cabins, locker rooms, restrooms, and even fire training facilities with our shipping containers. With Simple Box, there’s no need to limit yourself to mass-produced options. Tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you what we can do.

Customizable options allow you to create a unique workspace to fulfill all of your needs

There are tons of portable office options out there, but only one choice that allows you to fully customize your construction site workspace.

Most modular portable offices are mass produced, which makes them a cheap option, but you’re pretty much stuck with what they offer. Shipping containers begin as a blank canvas for you to mold into your dream office. There are so many customizable options, you won’t even know where to begin!

Contact Simple Box to schedule a consultation with one of our amazing team members, and we’ll talk through what you need and what we can do for you. Do you need sturdy shelving? We can do that! We sell Container Shelf Brackets in packs of 2, you just hang them into place and apply your own lumber. Looking for a Container with Roll-up doors? No problem! Lights and Electrical outlets? You got it! Our Shipping Container Modification Team is here to help you get the most of your Box.

They are easier to move than other portable office options

Shipping containers came into being for the sole purpose of ease of travel. They stack well, they easily fit onto a trailer, and they travel in one piece.

Many portable office options come in modular varieties. While this allows for larger workspaces, it’s also more difficult to transport.

When you get your modified shipping container office space through Simple Box, you’ll also have access to our friendly drivers who will pick up and move your temporary office for you.

From order confirmation to the day you leave the construction site, Simple Box will be here to make your temporary office needs a breeze. Feel free to let your imagination fly; we love all of the ways shipping containers can be used, and we’re always eager to see what new things we might be able to accommodate. Request a quote to get started!


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