How to Prepare for Delivery

The long awaited day is finally here! You are getting the secure storage you want and the organization you need. No more tripping over things that are just in the way and a space that doesn’t work for you. 

As you plan for your container delivery, what things do you need to know?  Keeping the following things in mind will help you to have a smooth and successful transition to your new shipping container space:

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Shipping Container Location

Ensure that the designated spot for your shipping container is level, on firm ground and free of debris. If the ground you want to place your container on is sloped or soft, we recommend bringing in gravel for the optimal ground before delivery. In addition, verify that the location you are putting your box on is not prone to flooding. Although containers are designed to float, we do want to keep good air flow around all 4 sides of the box.

Create a Pathway for the Delivery Truck

There’s nothing like expecting a delivery but not being able to get it in the right spot due to obstruction. Whether you are bringing in a shipping container 20ft or 40ft, a general rule of thumb is this: a 20ft container needs 70ft of space in a straight line and a 40ft container needs 140ft of space in a straight line for the truck to pull forward.

Verify Appropiate Clearance

Low hanging trees and low hanging fruit aren’t the same. Ensure that the designated area doesn’t have any low hanging wires or rooflines. We recommend at least 15ft of clearance in the area where the container will be placed.

Container Park Approval

We recommend placing the container on private property. Depending on how long your plan to use the container or your city’s regulations, you may be asked to obtain a temporary use permit.  For example, parking a container in a driveway in a remodel project is typically an allowable use. If you plan to use your container long term, you will most likely need to store it out of view.

Review Terms and Conditions

Delivery fees vary and are based on mileage. At Simple Box, there isn’t a minimum rental period and there are no hidden fees. Read more about Container History and Terms here.


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