Getting the Most from Shipping Containers for Sale

Shipping containers are the perfect solution when you need to have a large space to store items. At Get Simple Box, we have shipping containers for sale as well as ones you can rent or use for a short time. Whether you need a container for your business, your next move, or simply a home renovation, Get Simple Box can help with your storage needs. Read on for more information about how you can get the most from your shipping container.

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Buy a Shipping Container

If you are a business or homeowner looking for extra storage, investing in a shipping container is your answer. Shipping containers are perfect for those who need extra storage space. Instead of renting out a storage unit for a monthly cost or buying an expensive shed, owning a shipping container will help you save money in the long run. Get Simple Box has affordable shipping containers for sale with a lot of different sized choices. Purchase new or used containers in various sizes including an 8×20, 8×40, and more! We even sell containers with modifications such as windows or a roll-up door.

Rent a Shipping Container

If you need a shipping container for certain period of time, renting is the best way to get the most from your container. A container rental could be useful for a variety of reasons. During a home renovation, sometimes homeowners need a quick, easy space to store furniture. Another situation where a rental might be needed is as a home is being built. Homeowners may want to keep things such as new furniture, appliances, or fixtures stored in the unit while the home is being constructed. The container rentals are often cheaper than getting a mini-storage unit and perfect for those not interested in purchasing shipping containers. Another benefit is that the shipping container is brought to you–no need to worry about driving out of your way to visit a storage unit.

Use a Shipping Container to Move

Moving is never fun and is always a lot of work. Fortunately, Get Simple Box has made the process easier. At Get Simple Box we offer more services than just shipping containers for sale. When you are ready to move, Get Simple Box will deliver a 20-foot moving container to you. Instead of scheduling a time for movers to come, simply move at your own pace. Since you are packing up everything yourself, you can get the most out of the space in the container. Once the container is packed and ready to go, we will come move the container to your new home or to your yard for temporary storage. Our moving containers are extremely cost effective when compared to alternatives. 

Storage, moving, and transporting should not be stressful. At Get Simple Box, we have shipping containers for sale, for rent, and available for those going through moves. Get Simple Box helps you get the most out of your shipping container by providing ample space for a good price. For more information about out shipping containers, contact us today!


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