Containers to Clinics provides medical care in Haiti

Our customers know that we can easily modify Boxes to their custom specifications (adding doors, windows, lights, etc. can easily convert a Shipping Container into a great workspace or cottage). But one trend that we are very excited about is the conversion of Containers for humanitarian purposes.

We applaud the efforts of a few groups who are converting and using shipping containers as mobile healthcare centers.

Mobile clinics can be a lifeline to impoverished communities around the world; they can also be quickly dispatched to towns devastated by natural disasters. Imagine what a relief it would be for a remote village or rural town to receive an 8’ x 40’ structure, fully stocked with equipment and supplies that could serve as a doctor’s office or dental clinic?

Organizations like Clinic in a Can have been building and delivering portable medical units for nearly 10 years – they are visionaries in the humanitarian relief field and are inspiring others to make a difference.

Simple Box Storage is passionate about giving back in our local community and to those in need around the world. We have gladly supported these two organizations and we look forward to helping other non-governmental agencies like churches, businesses and individuals build and deliver mobile medical or dental clinics.

A medical clinic that serves as a mobile “Hospital of Hope.”
A medical clinic that serves as a mobile “Hospital of Hope.”

Contact Ross Black at Simple Box Storage to learn more about partnering to give a gift of healthcare and humanitarian relief to people in need. 360-354-2987 or 1-855-855-4BOX

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