At Get Simple Box, all of our container deliveries are done with specialized delivery equipment by our own highly-trained drivers. Here are the steps involved in a perfect container delivery: 

  1. Determine your ideal shipping container location. 
  2. Ensure there is a clear pathway for the delivery truck to back in and pull forward.
  3. The truck will back into position and set one end of the container on the ground. 
  4. The truck will pull forward and gently set the other end of the container on the ground or dunnage blocks. Note that the container never “drops” with our system.

We encourage you to watch a video showing how our Shipping Containers are Delivered .

We provide the state of Oregon storage and shipping containers, we also serve the following areas:
  • Salem, OR
  • Keizer, OR​
  • Woodburn, OR​
  • Silverton, OR​
  • Stayton, OR​
  • Corvallis, OR​
  • Aumsville, OR​
  • Mt. Angel, OR​
  • Hubbard, OR​
  • Jefferson, OR​
  • Dallas, OR​
  • Monmouth, OR​
  • Independence, OR​
  • Philomath, OR​
  • We also provide container deliveries to Portland, Eugene, & Vancouver, WA.​


As long as you are choosing a reputable container movers Portland Oregon, the best choice will usually come down to timing, communication, and price. With Get Simple Box:

  • You determine the schedule. Decide the best day for your delivery based on your unique needs.
  • Pack at your own pace without being rushed by the company deadlines.

Peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure.

Shipping Containers are designed to carry the weight from the four corners. We recommend that your metal storage container be placed on level, firm ground and free of debris. If the ground you want to deliver your container on is sloped or soft, we recommend bringing in gravel before delivery. In addition, verify that the location you are putting your box on is not prone to flooding. (Although containers are designed to float, we do want to keep good air flow around all 4 sides of the box.) Learn more about preparing for a container delivery here.

At Get Simple Box, our moving packages are done with a 20’ Shipping Container. This size of portable moving container fits most items from a 2-3 bedroom or 1600-1800 square foot house and is more convenient than a large moving truck. Find out more about moving with a 20ft Shipping Container here.

Moving prices are categorized by local moving, region to region moving, and long distance or out-of-state moving. The cost of your container moving package includes monthly rent, delivery to your first location, loaded move to your new location, and empty pickup when you are all done unpacking. Moving rates may range from $500 or more for local moving and $1500 or more for longer distances. The biggest factor in determining the cost of moving with portable storage containers is the distance the delivery truck will be driving from our location.

The best moving companies in Salem Oregon provide thorough communication from a local representative who understands the needs of the people in the community. Whether you are looking for moving companies Oregon to Washington, Arizona or beyond, you can visit us locally to start your move at 5213 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR 97305 or call us at 503-765-5421. You can also simplify your next move with these helpful moving tips.

Containers are often called a variety of names, such as Conex, Sea-Cans, or even P.O.D.S.™. Many times customers looking for Get Simple Box of Salem will search for these terms. However there are some differences: Get Simple Box containers are constructed of Corten Steel, with a thick rubber door gasket to keep out water and rodents. You may find that our container options are a little larger than P.O.D.S.™ or Blue Box. One big difference between Get Simple Box and P.O.D.S.™ are the locations we will deliver to, as well as providing the option to Rent, Buy, and Move your container.


Searching for shipping container rental in Salem, Oregon?

We are your local container company with locations in Oregon, Washington, and even Arizona. For container rentals in Portland and Salem, come visit our local office at 5213 Portland Road NE, Salem OR 97305 or call us at 503-765-5421 and we will help you find the Shipping Container Rental that is best for you!

When considering public storage Salem Oregon, a few important things to consider are:

  • Accessibility and Convenience.
  • Helpful communication and local support.
  • Budget friendly options.

Our customers often tell us they chose Get Simple Box of Salem for convenient storage options for a price that is often lower than typical mini-storage units. 

We offer the common 10 foot container for rent as well as the 40 feet container for rent however our most popular size is a 20 foot container for rent. Below is a complete list of shipping container rent.


Conex Box Rental rates vary depending on size and location. Most conex box Portland or Salem rentals start at $129* a month plus delivery. Another popular rental for construction and job sites is a 20-foot Job Box. This jobsite conex may be a good option for you if you need a people door, shelving and outlets.

Whether you are looking at a 10 foot shipping container office or a 20 ft container office for sale, Simple Box Salem Oregon has many portable office options. Most contractors choose our 20-foot Job Box Container for construction sites so that they have room for laying out plans and convenient access for tool storage. Get Simple Box delivery drivers can pick up and move your temporary office from on jobsite to the next for you, without needing to unload your tools. Learn more about Shipping Container Offices here.


When looking for shipping containers for sale in Oregon, many people may start by looking for a 6 ft shipping container for sale or an 8ft shipping container for sale or even a 30 foot shipping container. But the most common size of container is a 20 foot shipping container. If you don’t need quite as much space, the most cost-effective smaller container is actually a 10-foot container. Our 10 Ft container are popular because they are:

  • Reliable: The ideal Back-yard storage because they are more secure than a shed. Their all-steel construction is secure and watertight.
  • Accessible: 80 square feet of storage delivered wherever you need it
  • Portable: move your container as needed

Looking for a little more space? We ask about 20-foot containers and 40-foot containers for sale.

At Get Simple Box, we believe that you should get the most out of what you pay for. That is why we offer a 20ft container that is competitively priced with local 16ft containers. Because a 20 foot container is a standard size, it ends up providing a little more space for a lower price.

A standard 20ft container outside dimensions are: 

    • Length: 20 feet
    • Width: 8 feet
    • Height: 8 feet 6 inches
    • Weight: 4,900 pounds

Inside dimensions are about 6 inches less than exterior dimensions. In visual terms, a 20ft container can fit the contents of most 2-3 bedroom homes and fit in a single parking space. To learn more, watch a video demonstration of the outside and inside of a new 20 foot shipping container here.

Searching for shipping containers for sale Salem Oregon or possibly even Shipping Containers for sale Tacoma? We are your local container company with locations in Oregon, Washington, and even Arizona. For Containers in Portland or Salem, come visit our local office at 5213 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR 97305 or call us at 503-765-5421 and we will help you find the Shipping Container storage you are looking for.

* Note: Because shipping containers are heavily influenced by the price of steel, wood, fuel, and labor, all prices, including delivery rates, are subject to change without notice. Any Price ranges or Service areas are reflective of September 2021 and will vary depending on location and availability.