• Lynden, WA

  • Ferndale, WA

  • Blaine, WA

  • Birch Bay, WA

  • Lummi, WA

  • Everson, WA

  • Nooksack, WA

  • Sumas, WA

  • Fairhaven, WA

  • Point Roberts, WA

  • Kendall, WA

  • Glacier, WA

  • Acme, WA

  • All of Whatcom County

  • We also move people from Whatcom County to other parts of the State


All moves are done with a 20ft container. A standard 20ft moving container usually hold most things from a 2-3 bedroom or 1800sq.ft. house.  When looking at a 20 foot shipping container for moving, a few important things to note are: 

  • If your furniture is oversized or you have a lot of items in boxes, you may want to consider adding a second 20-foot container so that you have room to fit it all. 
  • Be sure to consider how much room you will need for household appliances as well as items from a garage or garden shed. An 8x20 storage container will usually hold most furniture, boxes and items from a 2-3 bedroom home, not including appliances.

When looking for storage Lynden Wa, the following are 4 important things to consider:

  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Local communication and support
  • Budget Friendly options

Our customers often tell us that they chose Get Simple Box over other storage companies because we provide storage space delivered on time for a fair price.

If you are moving from Washington to Arizona, Oregon, California, or Idaho, a moving container can save you time and money. Ground-level container deliveries make loading and unloading easy. Plus, you can keep your items in the moving container for as long as you need to even if your new place in Phoenix or Boise is not quite ready to move into.


  • Choose your container type and size.
  • Choose your delivery date.
  • Enjoy convenient storage.

The cost to rent a 40 ft container usually ranges from $159- $299* plus delivery. At times we may have either a 40' Storage Container and a 40' Construction Container for rent. 40 Foot Double-Door or High Cube Container may be arranged with advance notice.


Our 10’ Standard or Cut-Down Container is 8’ W, 8’6”H, 10’L and weighs roughly 2,900lbs. Ten foot containers offer 640 cubic feet of storage and can fit in an area smaller than a parking space. Learn more here.

Because containers may be called a variety of names, such as Conex, Sea-Cans, or even P.O.D.S.™, many times customers looking for Get Simple Box Lynden will search for these terms. One big difference between Get Simple Box and P.O.D.S.™ are the locations we will deliver to, as well as providing the option to Rent or Buy your container.


At Get Simple Box, we have three main 40ft container options: a 40’ Storage Container (New), a  40ft double door or high cube container (New), and a used 40’ foot container. Prices range from $4,500 to $11,000 depending on size, condition, features and availability.* Learn more about 40ft containers here.

We offer 3 types of 20ft containers: Standard New 20 conex containers, 20 foot High Cube or Double Door container (new), 20 foot used container.  Prices range from $3,500 to $6,500 depending on size, condition, features and availability.* Learn more about 20ft containers here.


When looking for a 10 ft shipping container in Lynden and beyond, we recommend that you call us directly at 360-200-5679 for the latest availability of our 10ft containers for sale. We always try to keep at least one 10 foot container available, and our Custom Container Shop can usually build a 10 foot container within 2-4 weeks. You may also check out our current containers listings on Craigslist Bellingham Washington.

Our customers often tell us that the biggest difference between Get Simple Box and other container companies is the service and the price. Many people are surprised to find that Get Simple Box delivery fees are lower than other competitors and they comment that we were able to answer all of their questions about moving and storage in a timely manner. 

* Note: Because shipping containers are heavily influenced by the price of steel, wood, fuel, and labor, all prices, including delivery rates, are subject to change without notice. Any Price ranges or Service areas are reflective of September 2021 and will vary depending on location and availability.