A dry box shipping container means that it is watertight and secure and meant for storing dry freight. This is sometimes also referred to as a dry van container. These are able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions from rain to snow to heat, making them an appealing storage option.

A Conex is another name for a Shipping Container. At Get Simple Box, we do all of our own Conex deliveries with specialized equipment and highly trained drivers. First, we back into place, then we set one end of the Conex on the ground or dunnage blocks. Next, we pull forward and gently set the other end of the Conex on the ground or on dunnage. The Conex never “drops” and is always firmly positioned on either the truck or the ground.  

We have Yakima Storage containers and Ellensburg Storage Containers and beyond. Below is a list of all the cities we serve:

  • Cle Elum

  • Easton

  • Ellensburg

  • Kittitas

  • Vantage

  • Roslyn

  • Tieton

  • Sunnyside

  • Selah

  • Wapato

  • Toppenish

  • Goldendale

  • Kittitas County

  • Yakima County

  • Klickitat County

  • Orcas Island, WA

  • Tri-Cities, Spokane,

  • & King County Areas


  • Security. Shipping containers are sealed tightly and generally considered more secure than their counterparts - moving trucks.
  • More deadline freedom.They offer more flexibility with a longer time window. No need to rush to unpack.
  • Convenience. They are dropped off at your first point when you need it. Picked up and transported when you need it.

Yes. Get Simple Box does 20-foot shipping container moving. It’s as simple as: 

  • Scheduling your delivery.
  • Packing at your own pace on your schedule.
  • Peace of mind with expert driver transport from one location to the other.

Whether you are looking for moving truck rental or a storage container rental in Yakima or Ellensburg, our goal at Get Simple Box is to help you simplify the moving process. 

  1. Choose the size of Container you need   
  2. Choose your ideal delivery date   
  3. Pack and load at your own pace    
  4. We will move the Box to your new location when you are ready for it.  

Our local team is here to help you with a container move, and we can also help you find other local moving resources.


When searching for Storage Ellensburg, Get Simple Box offers the option to store a container on your property or ours. 8x20 foot Containers are available for storage on our site.

You can Rent Steel Storage Containers in Ellensburg, WA for $149-$299/ month plus delivery. That’s 2,500 cubic feet of storage space delivered right where you need it!

20 foot Container Rentals are the most common size, but we do have other sizes. Rent for 10 foot containers ranges from $109-$159/ month plus delivery. This range is based on features and conditions.

Our Simple Box Ellensburg location is:

  • Locally operated and managed which means we can usually deliver a 20 or 40 foot rental container anywhere in Yakima, Wenatchee, and Eastern Washington within days or even hours.
  • Convenient Storage - We bring the storage to you. Renting a Container frees up your schedule to focus on more important things.
  • Cost Effective - Container Rental is often lower priced than typical mini-storage.

At Get Simple Box, we offer a range of cargo boxes for rent. Our 20 ft or 40 ft Storage Rental can be delivered right where you need it.

When looking at self storage Ellensburg, a few important things to consider are:

  • You don’t have to come to us for storage, we bring the container to you!
  • Our experienced team will walk you through a series of questions to make sure you have the right fit container.
  • Storage Containers are secure, rodent-proof, and affordable.


The most common sizes of used containers are 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers. Used shipping containers are usually more than 12 years old with plenty of dings and dents but at a slight discount from new containers. New containers are oftentimes called “one trip” which means they have made one trip across the ocean.

  • Floors - Normally a marine treated plywood flooring.
  • Walls - Interior walls are typically light gray in color. The walls are corrugated for extra strength. 
  • Doors - New container doors have a thick rubber door gasket that seals up tight to keep water and rodents out. Used container gaskets may be brittle or damaged.
  • Vents - New containers often have 4-8 vents that are designed for passive air flow while keeping water out. Used containers typically have 2-4 vents. Additional vents can be added for a fee. 

We have many containers in both used and new condition. New containers have made one trip across the ocean, so they may have very minor scrapes or dents. Used containers may have spent 12 or more years in transport. They are often much darker in color and will have many dings, scrapes, and dents.

  • Save Money on Long Term Storage - Containers often cost less than a shed or pole building. 

  • Durable and Long Lasting - Containers are built of solid Corten steel, much stronger than a garden shed. 

  • Customization Possibilities - Containers can be modified to add doors, windows, lights, and more.

  • Future Sale Possibilities - Due to their solid construction and versatility, containers are an asset that hold their resale value well. 

Learn more about the benefits of buying a shipping container here.

A dry box shipping container means that it is watertight and secure. They are able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions from rain to snow to heat, making them an appealing storage option.

We’re your local container company! Call or text us at 509-289-2095 for all of our available shipping containers for sale. You can even come by and choose your own container.

* Note: Because shipping containers are heavily influenced by the price of steel, wood, fuel, and labor, all prices, including delivery rates, are subject to change without notice. Any Price ranges or Service areas are reflective of September 2021 and will vary depending on location and availability.