Four Things to Consider
for a Container Delivery Site

A question we get asked often is “Can your truck deliver a shipping container to my property?” Our answer is “We probably can!”

Here are several things to keep in mind for a straight-forward container delivery:

1. Getting On/Off the Road

Is the driveway wide enough for a semi-truck to pull in? Is there room for the truck to turn around on-site or will they need to back out into oncoming traffic?

2. Condition of the Ground

Will the truck be driving on an improved surface (dirt/gravel/asphalt) or is it grass?

3. Slope of the Ground
Is your property fairly level or does it have a steep slope?
What direction is the slope (does it slope down toward any buildings?)

4. Distance in a Straight Line
Does the truck have enough room to pull straight-forward in a straight line without running over anything? To deliver a 20 foot container we need 70 feet in a straight line, and to deliver a 40 foot container we need 140 feet in a straight line.


We count on each customer to be responsible for ensuring that their delivery area is firm, fairly level, and that there is enough room for the truck to operate safely.

You can also send a short video of a vehicle entering your site from the road and parking where you want the Box delivered. Or we can schedule a site check for a fee.

If you have concerns about your delivery area, give us a call or text us a video of your location(s) and we’ll work together to consider the options.

Whether you choose a 20ft or a 40ft container, you can watch a video about how containers are delivered here.

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