Looking for shipping containers? Sometimes just getting started may seem a little overwhelming. Although purchasing agents or contractors may purchase more than one container per year, for most people buying a container is a fairly rare purchase for most people. That’s why we’ve put together these four quick tips to help you get started with buying a shipping container.

1. Start Local

Start your search with a local shipping container company instead of national companies. When you look for local companies, you’ll have faster and easier access to the inventory that you need. Shopping local can take the fear out of the buying process, because you can choose and inspect your own container. Instead of just searching for shipping containers in general, try searching for them in your state or hometown. A quick Google Maps search for “Shipping Containers” will usually produce a few local options. Simple Box has the most locations and widest delivery area in the Northwest. Buying local means you get to choose your own container and get quick local delivery.  Local Seattle Area worker in the port

2. Choose Between Renting or Buying

Next, ask yourself if you want to rent or buy your containers. The best choice depends on your situation and how long you think you may need the storage space. For example, if you just need a container for moving but don’t anticipate any other storage needs, then renting a container is probably your best choice. If you’ll be needing a storage container for 6 months or longer, it may make sense to purchase. Why rent when you could own it?

Once you decide whether you’re renting or buying, it’ll be easier to choose your shipping container company. A lot of companies only offer one option or the other, but not both. At Simple Box, you can choose the option that works best for you. Deciding between renting or buying usually comes down to how long you will need a container. When you know exactly what you need, you’ll narrow down your choices quickly.

Light gray Shipping Container

3. Consider a Used Shipping Containers vs. New Container

In reality, there is no such thing as a Brand New Container. Every container made overseas has made at least one trip across the ocean. That’s why new shipping containers are referred to as One-trip Containers. Choosing a New container means your Box will have better door seals and easier to open doors. Not to mention less dings, dents and scratches. A Used Container will be a little rougher, but should still be wind and water-tight, or even certified as cargo-worthy (able to make another trip across the ocean). Used containers are often several hundred dollars less than new containers.

Used 40ft High Cube Container for sale by Simple Box

4. Think About Special Storage Needs

Finally, consider whether or not you have any special storage needs. For most people, a standard container will get the job done. For others, only particular containers will work. For example, a container that opens from both ends (called a double-door container) will give you better loading options if you have large pieces of furniture. Or a container that is one foot taller in height (called a high-cube container) will make it easier to drive equipment inside.

20 ft Double Door - BSBU3119000 - exterior

Shipping Containers Available Now

Of course, we think the best way to find shipping containers is to start with Get Simple Box. We offer a fast, simple way to get the containers you need. Whether you want to buy or rent your containers, we’re here to help and we will treat you fairly. Get a quick and easy container price quote now to get started.


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