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4 Best Insurance Companies for Moving Containers

Whether you’re moving down the street or out of state with a moving container or moving containers, you might consider moving insurance. You may ask yourself, “do I really need moving insurance?”

The answer to this question usually depends on the value of goods you are moving, but we will always recommend it.

Even with the best moving companies and services, accidents happen. In fact, 1 out of every 5 moves experience some kind of damage in transit.

To protect you and your personal items from any unanticipated loss or damage, we’ve put together a list of five companies that will ensure your next move:


This is a company that has coverage options designed to accommodate corporate employees. This company has four claims offices to help ensure prompt claims clearance and UNIRISC extends its policy coverage to mechanical/electrical items as well as high-value items and collections, which are usually difficult to ensure.

One of the first companies to offer moving and storage insurance online, Relocation Insurance Group is affiliated with over 3,500 moving and storage companies nationwide. A broad affiliate group means you’ll have a wider selection of movers. Relocation Insurance is licensed in all 50 states and can even cover international moves.

Baker is a respected moving insurance provider with a focus on all risk policies. This company will insure moves both domestically and internationally, so you’re covered all over the globe. The company encourages consumers to contact an agent for an exact quote.

If you’re looking for reasonable pricing on your next move, Lakeland Insurance may be a viable option for you. The deductible is fixed at $1,000 and provides online policy service. Claims can be handled by email and the company has a goal to resolve claims within 30 days. They specifically exclude coverage for jewelry, furs, currency and some other types of valuables, so if this is an issue, you may want to make other arrangements.

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