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It’s no secret that, here at Simple Box, we love to be involved in our communities. Beyond our charity work, we try to remain as active as possible in local shows and events.

This March, we will be super busy at conferences every week! We’re so excited to be a part of these awesome events that we couldn’t help ourselves; we had to share them with you!

We encourage you to join us at these events, and of course, come visit us while we’re there! We love to meet our customers, and we have some fun things to show you.

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BIAWC Whatcom County Home & Garden Show

Two weekends ago, we had so much fun at the BIAWC Home & Garden Show at the fairgrounds in Lynden. We enjoyed connecting with local gardening specialists, realtors, decorators, as well as the attending members of the community.

At our booth, we exhibited one of our standard 8’x10’ containers to showcase the different services that we offer, providing a hands-on look at what we do here at Simple Box.

Attendees to the Home & Garden show enjoyed talks from local experts as well as some after-party networking events. If you didn’t make it this year, keep an eye on the BIAWC website for information on next year’s Home & Garden Show. It’s a fantastic event for gardening pros and beginners alike!

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Alliance Northwest – Sponsored by Washington PTAC

Thursday, March 7, we were part of Alliance Northwest, a government procurement show in Puyallup, Washington.

With over 100 exhibitors, this is the Pacific Northwest’s largest business connection event. Besides hosting our standard booth, complete with the 8’x10’ exhibition container, we networked with other contractors, local businesses, and government agencies to show what we can offer them and to learn more about how we can expand our services to best serve their needs.

Alliance Northwest caters to businesses and individuals who work in business-to-government industries. It works to connect contractors and government-related businesses as well as hosting talks about updated practices, latest news and trends, and more. This conference is incredibly important for businesses, like Simple Box, who work with government entities.


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Meridian Equipment Auction

On Saturday, March 16, we will participate in the Meridian Equipment Auction. We will be selling a used 40′ High Cube container as well as 8 used containers with abandoned contents, Storage Wars style! If you want to own your own shipping container storage box at a discounted price, this is a great place to buy one!

If you are interested in bidding on our items or any others, you can get a bidding number at the Meridian Equipment main store between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm the week prior to the auction. You will also be able to preview auction items at that time. Bidding will begin at 9:00 am on the day of the auction.

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SICBA Skagit/Island County Home & Garden Show

We’re starting the month with a garden show, so it makes sense to end the first month of spring with another home & garden event.

On March 22 – 24, we will host an exhibition booth at the SICBA Home & Garden Show with our 8′ x 10′ shipping container on display. We’re looking forward to networking with other vendors, meeting potential customers, and showing off some of Simple Box’s offerings.



As the biggest home & garden show in the areafeaturing 6 building of activities, over 4,000 attendees, and over 120 vendorsit’s the quintessential event for anyone wanting to spruce up their gardens. Besides the vendors and talks, attendees can enjoy a cider and spirits tasting event, classes in calligraphy, succulent gardens, and more, and even a LEGO® Build Contest for the kiddos.

Come see us! Stop by our booth for some special discounts and items that we’ll be giving out!

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We’re more than excited to get out into the community and talk to potential customers about how we can best serve them. If you’re coming to one of these events, come and talk to us, whether or not you’re in the market for a Simple Box. We love showing off what we can do!

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