Shipping Containers: Should You Rent or Buy?

Whether you’re moving or need some extra storage space, shipping containers make a great choice. However, should you rent or buy your containers? A lot of factors can go into that decision. Whether you end up renting or buying, your container can make your moving and storage process a lot simpler. Here are some factors that you can consider when making your decision.

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Storage Length

First of all, how long will you need storage? Will you need it for several months or less? Or will you need storage for more than a year? If you’ll only need storage for a matter of months, then renting is probably your best option. For short-term needs, buying your shipping container will be more expensive. On the other hand, if you plan to keep your shipping containers for more than a year, then you might as well own them. You’ll pay more money upfront, but over time, you’ll save on all of those monthly rental fees. Plus, in the long run, you will have equity in a container that holds its value by buying your units.


Next, think about the effort you’re willing to put in for maintenance. Shipping containers are simple and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about too much maintenance. However, a unit may need some basic maintenance every once in a while. Maintaining a shipping container involves keeping the roof clean, freshening up the paint, and lubricating the door hinges. If you’re not comfortable doing any maintenance, then your best choice may be renting. In this case, the company that owns the shipping container will take care of the maintenance. However, if you are comfortable with the idea of simple maintenance, then consider buying your container.

Non-Storage Projects

Next, ask yourself how you want to use your shipping containers. Do you just want to use them for renting and storage? In that case, you might consider renting, especially if you won’t need your units for very long. On the other hand, what if you want to modify your containers or use them for something other than moving and storage? In that case, you should go ahead and buy them. When you own your containers, you have all the freedom you need to modify them for non-storage uses.

Shipping Containers

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