Shipping Container Sliding Door

Some containers may have a shipping container glass door, which are similar to personnel doors but with sturdy glass panels. These doors can also be secured to protect the container’s interior. 

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Offices, showrooms, or retail stores

Containers converted into offices, showrooms, or retail stores.

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Temporary Spaces

Temporary event spaces, such as trade fairs or exhibitions.

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Cafes, Bars, or Restaurants

Containers converted into cafes or bar to create a cozy and open atmosphere.

Advantages to a Shipping Container Sliding Door

Allow natural light to enter, improving interior lighting of the container.

Offer an aesthetic and modern appearance, ideal for commercial or exhibition spaces.

Can enhance visibility and the feeling of spaciousness inside the container.

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Shipping Container Sliding Door Reviews

Sam H.
Sam H.
Desert Hot Springs, CA
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These guys are the best! I appreciated the care the driver took in delivering my container. I will definitely rent from them again and refer to others.
Joseph R.
Joseph R.
Palm Springs, CA
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So great to work with! They were quick to respond to every question and the container worked perfectly for our move. Highly recommended!
Mary F.
Mary F.
Indio, CA
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Really good customer service and I am so happy with my container! I would definitely recommend them to others.
Deb B.
Deb B.
Palm Desert, CA
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Great company! Excellent containers. This is an awesome local family business with ownership that can be trusted! Thank you!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Most shipping container doors have standard dimensions of around 7 feet 8 inches (2.34 meters) in height and 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 meters) in width for each door leaf.

Yes, shipping containers typically come with lockable cargo doors for security purposes. They often have lock rods and lock boxes to secure the doors.

Yes, shipping container doors can be modified to suit specific needs, such as adding personnel doors, roll-up doors, or glass doors, although it may require professional expertise.

Shipping container doors are designed to be weatherproof and provide protection against elements such as rain, wind, and humidity. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure continued weather resistance.

Shipping container cargo doors typically open outward and can be secured using locking mechanisms. They often have handles and lock rods for manual operation.

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Yes, shipping container doors can be sealed using gaskets and seals to prevent pests, moisture, and dust from entering the container. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure seals remain intact.

Shipping container doors are designed to withstand the weight of the cargo within the container and are typically robust enough to support heavy loads. However, exceeding weight limits can cause damage to the doors and container structure.

Yes, damaged shipping container doors can be replaced, although it may require professional assistance to ensure proper fitting and sealing.

Yes, it is possible to insulate shipping container doors to improve thermal efficiency and reduce condensation. Insulation materials such as foam panels or spray foam can be applied to the doors.

Regular maintenance of shipping container doors involves lubricating hinges, inspecting seals for damage, checking locking mechanisms, and repairing any signs of wear or corrosion to ensure proper functioning and security.

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