7 Key Features and Container Parts that make a difference

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    Everyone knows that a container is a self-contained unit (get it “contained” ), but what are the parts of a container that make the biggest difference? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential container features that make shipping containers stand out as the best choice for moving and storing things. The parts of a container all work together to make sure your storage needs are met with ease and convenience. Let’s take a closer look!

    Easy Open Doors with Longer Handles

    You may have worried about struggled to open a stubborn container door. That doesn’t have to be the case! One of our favorite container features is an easy-to-open doors featuring a longe door handle. The extra length of the handle provides more leverage and enables the door of a shipping container to open and close with ease. Whether you’re accessing your belongings daily or infrequently, a container with an easy-open door handle ensures you won’t break a sweat getting inside.

    Door Hinges

    Hinges play a crucial role in the functionality of a shipping container features. Our containers are designed with robust hinges each door needs four or five hinges, and for the doors to open and close completely and correctly, the hinge pins must be aligned up. It not only support the door’s weight but also endure constant opening and closing, ensuring your container remains secure and functional over the long haul. Door hinges are made of the chosen material that is Q235 or another type of forged steel. Comparatively speaking to other kinds of door hinges, container hinges are lightweight, useful, and simple to install. They are uncomplicated, portable, useful, and breathable. Container hinges are perfect for the lightweight, portable, and portable.

    Air Vents for Ventilation

    Proper ventilation is essential, especially if you’re considering storing items for an extended period. Older shipping containers were built with just two small ventilators, but most of our newer containers come with four or eight vents. The vents are specifically made to fit within the corrugation of the walls and is sealed to ensure that no water enters inside the container. Having ample built-in vents promotes air circulation. This small container feature makes a big difference by preventing moisture buildup, which can damage your stored items.

    Custom Wall Vents and Solar Fans

    For those who need extra ventilation, we offer customizable options such as wall vents and solar fans. These additions allow you to tailor your container to specific storage or shipping requirements, ensuring your goods remain in the best possible condition.

    Eco-friendly Container Flooring

     New Shipping Container flooring is made of Eco-friendly Bamboo flooring with Polyurethane coating. The plywood is about 1-1/8″ (28mm) thick and is securely fastened to the steel cross-members (like floor joists) every 16 inches. Have you ever wondered if container flooring is safe? Thanks in large part to regulations instituted by the nation of Australia, Shipping Container flooring is not only very sturdy, but also safe. Here is a link to view the report on Container flooring safety:

    Thick Rubber Door Gasket

    Protecting your belongings from external elements is a priority. Our containers feature thick rubber EPDM door gaskets that create a watertight seal, effectively keeping out moisture, bugs, and dirt. You can trust that your items will be well-protected, no matter the weather.

    Lockbox to Secure your Padlock

    Security is paramount when it comes to shipping and storage containers. New shipping containers are designed to accommodate secure lockings systems. For all rental containers, we offer lockboxes to prevent tampering. With a shipping container, you can rest easy knowing your valuable cargo is protected from unauthorized access.

    Available in Various Sizes

    Whether you need a compact 10 foot shipping container or a spacious 40 foot shipping container, we’ve got you covered. Our wide range of sizes ensures you can find the perfect container to suit your needs, whether it’s for shipping goods or storing personal belongings. There are many container companies online, but most of them will not allow you to choose and inspect your own container. Our recommendation is to choose a local container company and stay away from any company that says they won’t let you check the parts of a container yourself or offer to send you photos. 

    Now that you know about these essential container features, you might be wondering where to find “shipping containers for sale near me.” Look no further! Get Simple Box offers expert container delivery. We have different locations, making it easy for you to find the perfect container. In addition to buying, we also offer flexible storage container rental options. This means you can rent a container for short-term needs, making it a cost-effective solution for various purposes, from moving to temporary storage during renovations.

    In conclusion, when it comes to shipping containers, functionality and adaptability are crucial factors to consider. At Get Simple Box, we prioritize these features to ensure our customers get the best value for their investment. If you’re looking for portable storage near you, we’ve got the perfect solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to explore our wide range of shipping containers and storage options. Your satisfaction is our priority!

    Which container parts are most important?

    Of all the parts of a container, which one matters most? We asked Get Simple Box founder, Ross Black, to share his top choices. “I think the most important container part to be aware of is the door handle. The ability to open and close your container easily is the most important thing from my perspective. The second feature that I always highlight is the thick rubber door gasket. That keeps water and pests out and it is something that really separates a storage container from a typical mini storage unit.



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