Get Simple Box vs. P.O.D.S.® Comparison


If you’re familiar at all with the concept of mobile storage, there’s a good chance you have heard about PODS®. Firefighter and paramedic Peter Warhurst founded this company in 1998 in Largo, Florida. He had witnessed so many families lose homes due to fire and these people oftentimes struggled with keeping their belongings safe and secure after the fact. This initial idea has since turned into a billion-dollar national company.

In 1997, our company Simple Box was founded by Ross Black. Believe it or not, the company started out as a senior class project. For that project, our founder, Ross, sold his 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback and put the money towards starting a business. What began as a mini storage warehouse turned into a mobile storage empire and Get Simple Box was off to the races.

While these two companies were founded around the same time and provide similar services, we wanted to compare the two, based on availability, services, and price.

People often call Get Simple Box asking "how much does a POD cost?" and we know right away what they mean. They have truly become a household name in the Moving and Storage industry. Where they beat us on coverage of every state, we beat them in being able to delivery to almost every location in the states we serve. Where they beat us on smaller sized containers, we usually beat them by having a container that is 30% larger for a lower price... with options to Rent or Buy. We love competing against PODS® because they challenge us to be more professional, improve our processes, and provide excellent local service that can't be beat.

Businessman and woman standing at awards ceremony

Ross Black

Founder & CEO, Get Simple Box

Comparing Availability


If you’re looking for mobile storage units or a moving container, PODS® have locations across North America. So if you live in the United States, there’s a good chance you live within an area where their services are available.

Get Simple Box

If you live on the West Coast, especially in Washington State, Oregon and Arizona, Get Simple Box is well within your reach. We will sell, rent and deliver shipping containers across these territories. From Seattle to Salem, to Phoenix, we have your portable storage needs covered!

Comparing Service Options

Moving Containers

PODS® offers an array of moving services, including local moving, long-distance moving and “city service.”

  • Local Moving – If you only need items moved across town – PODS® can provide a steel-framed container to accomplish this task.
  • Long Distance Moving – With a network covering 46 states, PODS® can move your belongings across the state or country.
  • City Service – If you live in a large urban area, PODS® City Service offers a convenient moving solution designed to cater to the challenges of big city moving.


Similar to PODS®, Get Simple Box provides local, regional, and long-distance moving services to suit your needs.

  • Local Moving – we deliver a 20-foot Container for you to pack and load at your own pace. 
  • Region to Region – some customers have more things and choose to move in one ore more 20-foot containers. Ask about discounts for multiple containers. 
  • Long Distance – If you are moving between the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona, or areas nearby those states, using our long-distance moving container service will provide you with a simple solution.

On-site Storage Containers

Both Get Simple Box and PODS® offer on-site storage and storage facilities to suit your needs.


  • On-site storage – PODS® will deliver a storage unit to your property as you remodel or de-clutter your home.
  • Storage Facilities – If you’re done packing your PODS® container, you have the ability to have your container picked up and moved to a storage facility where it’s out of sight.
  • Size Options – Small (8×8 FT), Medium (8×12 FT) and Large (8×16 FT)

Get Simple Box

Get Simple Box offers container rentals to suit your storage needs and has a few more options to choose from in terms of container size/type.

  • On-Site Storage – Like PODS®, we will deliver a storage unit to your property and you can keep this container as long as you need. 
  • Size Options – 10 foot Container, 20 foot Container, 20 foot Office Container, 40 foot Container
  • Where most comparison shoppers notice a difference, is that our monthly price is usually much lower, and we give you the option to buy your container.

Comparing Container Pricing

Moving Container Pricing

Pricing for moving containers usually varies for both companies depending on where you live, the size of container needed, and how far you have to travel.

Here are sample moving price ranges for both companies as of July 2022:


  • Local Moving Cost starting at $359-549
  • Long Distance Moving Cost starting at $999 – $4000+

Get Simple Box

  • Local Moving Cost starts at $329-599
  • Long Distance Moving Cost starts at $2429 – $4000+

Container Rental Pricing

Much like moving services, pricing for storage containers for rent will vary as well depending on where you live and how far the company has to travel to deliver the unit to you.

Here are sample moving price ranges for both companies as of July 2022:


  • 8-Foot Container starting at $155-185/month
  • 12-Foot Container starting at $165-195/month)
  • 16-Foot Container starting at $175-215/month)

Get Simple Box

  • 10-Foot Container starting at $109/month
  • 20-Foot Container starting at $129/month
  • 40-Foot Container starting at $199/month


Buy a Container and Modify a Container

In addition to the option to Rent or Move with a Container, Get Simple Box is one of the only companies that provides the option to Buy a container and we offer modifications to storage containers. We offer these services because we know that so many of our customers want options when it comes to how long they keep their things in storage. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to buy the container rather than keep it as a rental! 

We hope this article was a helpful comparison of PODS® and Get Simple Box services. If you live in Washington State, Oregon, or Arizona and want to learn more about the benefits of working with us, visit our learning center to learn more.