4 Ways Get Simple Boxes Are Used During the Christmas Season

As Christmas approaches, our Shipping Containers begin to take on a more festive flair as they are integrated into the holiday season. From Christmas storage to charities and organizations, today we will be sharing 4 different ways that our Get Simple Box shipping containers are being used to make this Christmas season brighter!

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Christmas Coat Drive

While the Christmas season does bring joy, laughter and merriment, it does also bring the cold weather. Bundling up in your winter coat may seem like a simple and easy task to fight the brisk conditions. However, many children suffer through the cold without a coat of their own to protect them from the elements. Get Simple Box has utilized their large, weather proof containers to collect coats in a clothing drive to benefit under privileged children. We work with the YMCA to ensure that the coats get into the right hands. No child should ever be in need of protective clothing, so our team works hard to ensure they can enjoy the cold weather, rather than suffer through it.

Christmas Tree Lot Storage

By the end of November, Christmas tree lots begin to pop up around cities and towns across the country. These lots need somewhere to store their Christmas tree supplies and necessities to ensure the best experience for their customers. Surrounding our Get Simple Box locations are many different tree lots that have rented out or purchased a Simple Box shipping container to store their supplies in. These boxes contain netting, tree trimming supplies, and can even act as a temporary office to operate out of during the cold winter months. As our boxes are weatherproof, this makes them ideal for lots that are often covered in snow.

Foster Closet

Foster closet is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of foster families in Washington state. Get Simple Box partners with Foster Closet to store clothing donations before they make their way to the Foster Closet store. Foster homes are filled with children who are longing to feel love this Christmas season, and it is our goal to be a part of providing them the necessities to feel valued and supported.

Gift of Grub

Each year, Cornwall Church in Bellingham, WA accepts non-perishable food donations for their annual Gift of Grub drive. All collected food is given away to local food shelters. Get Simple provides a container every year to fill with donated food items for the food drive. Our containers are large enough to fill with meals for thousands of individuals while also keeping the items safe and secure in a locked/weatherproof box. During the Christmas season when food is such an important cultural piece of celebration, it is so important to give to those less fortunate so that they, too, can take a day, celebrate, and forget their troubles.

Each year, it is a great joy to see how Get Simple Boxes are being used to bring cheer to the Christmas season. We greatly value our partnerships with local businesses and organizations and are always looking for more opportunities to partner with our community. Do you have a need for a Simple Box this Christmas season? If so, reach out to us today and we will be happy to help!


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