At Simple Box, one of our core values is “Make a Difference.” Whether it’s helping newlyweds move, helping a homeowner recover from a disaster, or helping to host a great event that makes our community a better place, our Boxes come in handy!

One of the events that we LOVE is the Relay for Life.

Each year in communities across the country (and around the world), people whose lives have been affected by cancer come together to celebrate, remember, and fight back. It is one of the most inspiring, sobering, and challenging events you could ever be a part of. It’s also a great opportunity to join together to raise money for the fight against cancer and to encourage those who are in the fight.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have converted one of our Shipping Containers into what has become affectionately known as the “Purple Box.”

If you’d like more information on a relay near you, visit and find a community to celebrate hope with! You’ll be so glad you did.×688.jpg×682.jpg×672.jpg×687.jpg×6771.jpg×682.jpg

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