Moving Tips

Each month we help hundreds of people move and store their stuff in Bellingham, Burlington, and beyond!

Here are a few packing and moving tips that we’ve found helpful for people moving from one house or apartment to another:

The First Things to Pack:

  1. Move-in-a-Container-or-Moving-PodStart by packing an overnight bag for each member of your family.  Include essentials that will be needed before things are unpacked at the new home, as well as a few snacks and activities for the kids. Keep these bags with you in your vehicle. Also pack a box of “essentials” you’ll need to set up your new home. Include tools needed to put together furniture, scissors or box cutters, hand soap, paper towels, TP, etc. Carry this box with you in your vehicle or place it near the doors of your Shipping Container for quick access.
  2. Beds: Plan to take apart beds and larger pieces of furniture the day before.  Put loose parts (bolts, washers, cords, etc.) in zipper bags that can be labeled and taped to each item. Before your moving helpers leave, make sure that the beds are set up (especially kid’s beds). Assembling beds goes so much faster with extra help, and unassembled beds take up a lot of space!
  3. When packing, start with treasures such as vases, art objects, and home decor – you won’t be needing these items right away and you can take the extra time to pack them with care.

Start Clean and Keep it Simple:

  1. Make sure the place you are moving to is cleaned and ready to live in – consider hiring a local cleaner for a few hours so you can start with a clean slate. To help save money, we recommend hiring professional cleaners for your new place and cleaning the old place yourself.
  2. Labeling: Don’t just write the contents of the Box, but also note the room that you’d like the Box to be delivered to. For example, “Garden Tools – Garage.” You can also set up a system of colored labels or stickers. All boxes with red labels go to the kitchen, all boxes with blue labels go to the living room, etc.
  3. Draw up a rough map showing the rooms in the new house and where you’d like the furniture to go. Print off enough copies so you can post one copy on the door of each room. This way your moving helpers can bring in furniture or a stack of boxes without constantly asking you if it’s in the right place.

Heavy Stuff:

  1. Moving-Tips-Bellingham-Mobile-Storage-Photo-via-mbtrama-on-FlickrWhen packing books, use smaller boxes to keep the weight manageable. Start with the top shelf of a bookcase, and move from left to right, shelf by shelf. Take the books from the shelf and put them right into the box in the same order. Don’t worry about filling every square inch of space in the box. Stuff newspaper in the gaps so the books don’t shift or get damaged. Place heaviest boxes of books near the floor of your Simple Box Moving Container (compare to P.O.D.S.®).
  2. When loading boxes and furniture into your Container, try to build a “wall” of similar sized Boxes stacked on top of each other. Heaviest items on the bottom, lighter stuff on top. Start by packing most “square” shaped and sturdy items together to make the best use of space. The odd-shaped items (like bikes, vacuums, etc.) can go on top of your Boxes or near the doors of the container.
  3. Lastly. Realize that moving (and even garage sales) can place extra emotional stress on kids and pets. Ask a trusted friend or family member if they can help by babysitting and taking the kids to a nearby park or play area.

With these moving tips and a storage container from Simple Box, your next move could be your best move. Simple Box is all about moving people to a better place. Whether it’s across town or across the country, we’re here to make your move as “Simple” as possible.

What is the best packing or moving tip you’ve ever received? Share it with the world in the comments!

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