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We Love Our Communities

Our number one mission at Simple Box is to make a difference. To achieve this goal, we work to make sure that Simple Box is an active, positive member of the communities that have welcomed us.

One of our first priorities when we enter a new community is to get involved in the local Chamber of Commerce so that we can best understand the needs of the locals and how we can best serve them. After that, we get involved in popular events, whether we sponsor the event, donate a box, as participants, or all three!

We believe that local businesses should work to strengthen their communities. Here are some of the organizations that we love to support.


Ski to Sea

We love Bellingham for its rich outdoor culture. Every year, Bellingham’s biggest outdoor enthusiasts gather for the Ski to Sea event.

Teams of three to eight gather to participate in up to three of the following legs: cross country skiing, downhill skiing or snowboarding, running, road biking, canoeing, cyclocross biking, and sea kayaking. It truly is the ultimate test of participants’ physical abilities.

organizations we love One of the finish lines at Bellingham's Ski to Seaorganizations we love Simple Box volunteers at the Ski to Sea event in Bellingham, WA

Every year, we love to help make this event happen by sponsoring specific teams as well as the event as a whole. We also supply some of our containers for secure, weather-proof race gear storage at each leg of the race.

Bellingham Chamber of Commerce

In any town, the local chamber of commerce acts as a priceless resource for community members and businesses alike. It serves to strengthen the local economy by supporting local business owners and advocating for the businesses in their community. Although many believe the Chamber of Commerce to be a government entity, it’s actually independently run and paid for through its memberships.

Simple Box is proud to be a part of Bellingham’s and Burlington’s Chamber of Commerce. We make it a point to remain active in both the Chambers by attending the monthly networking breakfasts and other meetings in order to build relationships with other local businesses.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide charity that provides homes to those in need at a price they can afford. It is also one of the organizations we love. Volunteers come together to work alongside the family receiving the home to build it from scratch, lowering building costs so that the affordable mortgage is made possible.

Habitat for Humanity also runs a secondhand store, so that families can fill their new homes with affordable furniture.

Simple Box donates shipping containers to building sites to provide secure storage and dry construction offices. We love Habitat for Humanity’s mission, and we love that we can help people in our community build their dream home.

Kidstown International

Kidstown International is a non-profit organization that cares for orphaned children by providing homes and educational opportunities. For each employee at Simple Box, we support one child at Kidstown.

Kidstown exemplifies the belief that teaching a man to fish is more productive than simply giving him a meal. Their efforts help provide orphaned children the tools they need to lead successful, productive, happy lives. Their efforts help create an educated populace, and the children of Kidstown often grow up to go to college or pursue other professional paths that enrich their lives as well as benefit their communities. These are just a few of the reasons why Kidstown is one of the organizations we love.

Building Industry Association of Whatcom County

The BIAWC is another one of the many organizations we love. A non-profit organization of builders and businesses in Whatcom County. Like the Chamber of Commerce, it strives to bring those in the building industry together for networking, community service, and policy development. Their work helps build positive community involvement and maintain productive legislation that benefits both companies and the local population.

Skagit Island County Building Association

We are also excited to be members of the SICBA. With our membership, we are building connections with local contractors and builders in order to create a symbiotic relationship where we can provide our containers for their construction needs, and they can let us know how to best serve them.

Kittitas Chamber of Commerce

We are proud members of the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. We believe that it’s important to stay involved in the community, support other businesses, and stay involved in order to give back to the people who keep us in business.

Naomi’s Hope

This charity helps women who are escaping abuse, facing an unplanned pregnancy, are homeless, or otherwise need some love and care. A Christian-based organization, they work to help women heal, learn how to overcome obstacles, and gain tools for a better future. They do this by building relationships and providing resources to help women get back on their feet and find success.

We provide shipping containers to Naomi’s Hope to collect and store donations. Shipping containers make excellent storage units, and they are able to keep supplies safe and secure, even in the wettest months.

Women’s Club Spokane

The Women’s Club in Spokane is a non-profit service organization and a community gathering place that has been focused on improving the lives of women and families for over 100 years. Their historic building is a busy hub of cultural, educational, and health-promoting activities.

Through the many years of community activity in their building, the original maple hardwood floors had worn down to the bare wood and needed to be recoated as soon as possible. We had the wonderful opportunity to provide storage for their furnishings while they restored the historic flooring.

Women's Club Spokane

Salem Contractors Exchange

The Salem Contractors Exchange provides support and services to commercial contractors of all types of industries in the Salem area. The exchange helps establish relationships and supports local business by providing a central location to plan upcoming projects in the entire state of Oregon.

We love being a part of an organization that does such a great job of supporting local and small businesses. Partnering with them also gives us a great opportunity to network with contractors who could use our services. Every year, we love sponsoring the SCE Golf Tournament where we can help build this wonderful organization while working on our golf swings.

Salem Contractors Exchange

Dream Center

The Dream Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children in need. They go beyond giving items and money to impoverished children; they build relationships, organize mentorship programs, and encourage education so that the kids can feel empowered rather than embarrassed by the charity.

The Dream Center believes that it’s important to give people the tools they need to succeed. Charity is temporary and can come across as patronizing, while education builds self-esteem and creates positive practices that they use their entire lives.

One of our very favorite things that we get to be a part of is sponsoring the Mad Hatter Fun Run every September. We love supporting the people of Salem, who have welcomed Simple Box into our community. Sponsorship of the Mad Hatter Fun Run almost feels like cheating; the event is so fun that supporting it is a no-brainer!

Feed the North

We love to talk about the cool ways that people are using shipping containers, and Feed the North uses shipping containers in the coolest way possible.

With their special license to work in North Korea, they transform shipping containers into hydroponics farms. These devices are self-contained farming units, where one side produces fish and the other produces crops that are able to grow without soil; instead, they are nurtured in other fertile sources.

This process allows great amounts of food to be produced in a near-zero impact environment, which is essential with North Korea’s already limited resources. Currently, they provide 200 lbs of fish, 1,000 lbs of produce, and 2,000 lbs of fertilizer each month in less than 5,000 sq ft., or roughly the size of a city lot. You don’t have to be a farmer to understand how amazing that is.

Last year, we donated an 8×40 container that they used for their hydroponic farms. With the hydroponic process, this can help produce vast amounts of much-needed food. We hope to continue supporting this venture more in the future.

Freed the North